• Pacifying Vata Dosha During the Holidays
    • Holidays
    • December 08, 2016
    Pacifying Vata Dosha During the Holidays

    Long before I knew anything about Ayurveda and vata dosha, I sensed the palpable anxiety that would arise in me towards the end of October/early November, knowing that the holidays were fast approaching. I wish I knew then what I know now. Here’s what I’ve learned.

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  • 7 Ways to Renew in the New Year
    • Holidays
    • January 14, 2016
    7 Ways to Renew in the New Year

    Fresh beginnings…optimistic perspectives…renewed focus. The new year always brings a renewal to our spirit, allowing the past to slip away and re-centering us in our potential. Positive affirmations abound as we momentarily re-evaluate our lives, our purpose, and our fulfillment. In the spirit of renewal, the Ayurvedic perspective also brings hope and inspiration. 

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  • New Year, New Body! Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Management
    • Holidays
    • January 04, 2016
    New Year, New Body! Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Management

    This new year, many of us will resolve to make changes within our diet and lifestyles that will enable us to live happier and healthier lives. Resolutions are helpful because they motivate us to develop discipline and organize our lives for the year ahead. If your new year's resolution includes losing a few pounds, Ayurveda offers some helpful recommendations to support your efforts.

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  • How to Start Your Year with New Ayurvedic Habits
    • Holidays
    • December 30, 2015
    How to Start Your Year with New Ayurvedic Habits

    New Year's Day may sometimes seem like an arbitrary date upon which to begin counting the new year, or taking on a new outlook, and in some cases a new life, but its seemingly random celebration is rooted in history and follows soon after the marking of the Winter Solstice, a day of equal day and night.

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  • Now is the Time to Relax!
    • Holidays
    • December 28, 2015
    Now is the Time to Relax!

    We live in an age when multi-tasking is not just the norm, it is expected. In fact, we are rewarded for the speed and efficiency with which we complete projects. But how many of us can talk on our cell phones, shop for gifts, and practice deep diaphragmatic breathing at the same time? Especially during the holiday season, many of us find it challenging to support our own needs for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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  • Snacking, Weight Loss, and the Holidays
    • Holidays
    • December 21, 2015
    Snacking, Weight Loss, and the Holidays

    This time of year is always hard for those of us who must make conscious efforts to maintain a healthy weight. Food becomes an intimate part of the holidays, as friendships are often celebrated with feasts. 

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  • 8 Things that Literally Take A Moment But Can Change Everything about the Holidays
    • Holidays
    • December 18, 2015
    8 Things that Literally Take A Moment But Can Change Everything about the Holidays

    Peace, joy, giving, gratitude – the Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to practice life's most enjoyable feelings. Maximize your feel-good moments with these tips that take but only a moment but have profound impact.

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  • Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy Through the Holidays
    • Holidays
    • December 04, 2015
    Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

    With winter settling in and the holiday season approaching, it is more important than ever to safeguard our health from the many varieties of cold and flu that seem to abound this time of year. The earth and water begin to freeze as snow falls. The air is cold and dry. As the body mirrors the changes in the outside environment, we typically notice imbalances of kapha and vata doshas.

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  • All New Easy Digest for an Easier Thanksgiving
    • Holidays
    • November 13, 2015
    All New Easy Digest for an Easier Thanksgiving

    Perfect for Thanksgiving, Easy Digest liquid extract made was created to give your digestion the support that it needs to properly break down and absorb food.

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Whichever holidays you celebrate, Ayurveda can help you make the best of them and enjoy them to their fullest by rejoicing in health, wellness, and vitality. While some of these blogs focus on various holidays throughout the year, most of these blogs were written with the bustling (and often stress-inducing) holiday season of Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.

The holiday season means something different for every one of us, but we could probably agree on some similar themes. For many of us, this season often comes with large gatherings, connecting with friends and loved ones, big meals, events, shopping, and maybe even travel—and while we may (or may not) love the hustle and bustle, there’s undoubtedly more stress for the body and mind.

Luckily, Ayurvedic principles can help you make the most of this season on all levels, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you’re looking for ways to be more present, stay healthy, stress less and enjoy more, or how to set intentional (and realistic) goals for the new year, Ayurveda has you covered.

Additionally, if you’re looking for good holiday gifts for loved ones—or for yourself—we have entire gift guides to make holiday shopping easy and fun. These wellness blogs and gift guides will help you navigate through the holiday season with grace so that you can enjoy this time of year to its fullest.

These articles are designed to help you through some of the most stress-inducing aspects of holidays by providing:

  • A gift guide, complete with ideas for good holiday gifts for everyone in your circle—from Ayurveda enthusiasts with a passion for yoga to the Ayurvedic newbie still learning about vata, pitta, and kapha. Celebrate the health of your loved ones this holiday season with Ayurvedic gifts from the heart. As an added bonus, we have a whole gift guide dedicated to self-care for you (after all, you’ve earned it!). We also want to affirm that not all gifts have to cost money—which is why we also created our list of mostly free gift ideas.
  • Articles focused on how to be present during the holidays, as well as how to manage the stress and hectic nature that often accompanies festive events and celebrations. Learn how to minimize stress while traveling, preparing meals, shopping for gifts, and more.
  • Recipes for holiday-themed meals and drinks made with organic Ayurvedic herbs and spices. These tasty, easy to make, and even easier-to-enjoy recipes have all been put together using ingredients carefully curated to support your well-being at various times of the year. From savory snacks to healthful desserts, the meal offerings presented to you in this category of blogs will help you bring in the cheer without sacrificing your health and wellness.
  • How to make the new year better for you with ideas for planning and sticking to your resolutions. Planning resolutions for the new year can feel daunting, especially if you’ve had trouble following through with your resolutions in the past. We offer tips to help you set realistic, sustainable intentions that empower you to follow through for a successful, thriving year ahead.