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Earn commissions for recommending Banyan Botanicals products and sharing Banyan content online.

What Is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a way to track online referral sales using an affiliate software system. When an affiliate shares their personal link and a client clicks on it, and then places an order on Banyan’s website, the affiliate receives a percentage of the sale.

Successful affiliates know basic website management, understand how affiliate links work, or have someone who can manage their affiliate business for them.

An affiliate can create links to any page on our website, including:

  • Any product page
  • The Banyan Botanicals homepage
  • Our constitution test
  • Our educational guides or blog posts

Program Highlights:

  • Practitioners and Yoga Studios earn a 20% commission on affiliate sales (excluding wholesale and student discount orders.)
  • Beautiful banners provided by Banyan to add to your website.

Should I Apply?

We only ship products to the United States, so if your audience or community is located outside of the United States, your application will be denied.

Our affiliate program is not for everyone, nor is it a way to replace your income. But it can be a good way to help supplement your income, especially if you are already sending people to the Banyan website.

We want our affiliates to be successful in their efforts and aim to see that our affiliates make at least $100 a month. The top 10% of our affiliates typically earn monthly commissions from $100–$300 per month, but most earned less than $50. Many consumers prefer to shop on Amazon because of the convenience and free shipping for Prime members. Amazon is a reality that affects all businesses, including ours. Please take this into consideration when applying to be an affiliate.

We recommend that all affiliates communicate to their customers that when they use your affiliate link it supports you and your business. The price of products is the same for affiliate customers, Banyan website customers, and Amazon customers (unless they get free Prime shipping).

Unfortunately, we can’t accept every application. We deny applications only after careful evaluation, and when it is in everyone’s best interest. We appreciate you and want you to see the best results possible for your efforts.

We’ve compiled a short list of attributes successful affiliates have to help you evaluate whether this would be a good fit for your business.

Apply If (Our Acceptance Criteria):

  • Your audience is located in the United States (as we do not ship internationally).
  • You have an online presence promoting health and wellness, preferably relating to Ayurveda.
  • You have at least basic tech skills, or you have a web master that can do this work for you. It is a tech-based system. We do not offer training. The affiliate software company, AvantLink, offers some training resources and email support.
  • You have an audience of at least 500 followers and/or a very engaged audience.
  • You share product shopping lists with your Ayurvedic clients or workshop participants. You can send your affiliate link with a shopping list in a follow-up email to your clients.
  • You share links several times a month through newsletters, client emails, and/or social media posts.

To Join:

If you meet the criteria above and want to apply, click on the link below and fill out the online application. When you apply, you are also applying to the AvantLink affiliate network. AvantLink hosts affiliate software that many companies use to run their affiliate programs.

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