Mouth Health & Oral Care in Ayurveda

Both Western medicine and Ayurveda consider oral health to be interrelated to the health of the entire body. Thus, paying attention to our oral health and keeping our gums, teeth, and mouth healthy will also benefit our overall well-being.

How to Strengthen Gums and Teeth with Ayurveda

Ayurveda recommends following oral hygiene practices every day as part of your daily routine, and encourages the use of Ayurvedic herbs for oral health that will help keep your mouth and teeth healthy, clean, and strong.

Herbs for Healthy Teeth

Banyan offers several powerful herbs for dental health that have been used for centuries to promote strong, healthy teeth and gums. Triphala for example, one of Ayurveda's top digestive formulas, is an excellent aid for cleansing and detoxifying the mouth and can be found in our Daily Swish.

We also carry Tooth Powder, a traditional formula for Ayurvedic teeth cleaning that blends botanical ingredients and naturally occurring minerals to keep the mouth cleansed and refreshed.

Oil Pulling | Ayurveda's Answer to Mouthwash

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic oral health practice that helps the body maintain overall well-being through oral hygiene. Banyan's  Daily Swish is an herbal oil specifically designed to support this healthy ritual. Oil pulling further helps inhibit the accumulation of plaque, whitens teeth, and promotes healthy gum tissue.

Tongue Cleaning | How to Keep Your Tongue Healthy

Both Western medicine and Ayurveda use the tongue as an important diagnostic tool to gain insight into overall health.

Scraping your tongue with a Tongue Cleaner is a very simple but equally powerful way of paying attention to your body and digestive system.

Oral bacteria in itself can lead to a host of complications, the least of which is bad breath. It can also be an indicator that some aspect of our diet may need to shift.

Not only is tongue scraping an effective way of clearing the bacteria that accumulates through the night, but it also gives us a good indication of how well our bodies may or may not be assimilating what we are eating.

Ayurveda recommends scraping your tongue first thing in the morning as an effective way of clearing the bacteria that has accumulated through the night, supporting fresh breath, enhancing your sense of taste, and gently stimulating your digestive organs.