Banyan Botanicals Gift Cards


Gift Card FAQs

1. When will the recipient receive their gift card?

They will receive the gift card via email within minutes after purchase. If purchasing with a check or money order, the gift card will be sent once we receive payment.


2. Do I also receive the gift card email?

No, only the recipient will receive the gift card email. As the purchaser, you will receive both an order confirmation after you purchase, as well as a confirmation email letting you know the gift card email was sent to the recipient.


3. Can I purchase a gift card now but deliver it at a later date?

Yes. When purchasing, use the recipient’s name, but use your own email address. When you’re ready to give the gift card, simply forward the email to the recipient.


4. What if I don’t have an email for the recipient?

You can use your own email to receive the gift card, then print it and provide the recipient with a paper copy.


5. How do I purchase multiple gift cards?

You will need to purchase each gift card individually.


6. Will sales tax and processing fees apply when I purchase the gift card?

Gift cards have no processing fees and sales tax will not be applied to the purchase of gift cards. Taxes will be collected, if applicable, upon redemption.


7. Can gift cards be used to pay for shipping?

Yes, they can be used to pay shipping charges.


8. Can gift cards be used in conjunction with other promotions?

Promotions can be applied to any orders containing a gift card, but they will not be applied when purchasing the gift cards themselves. When using a gift card as payment, promotions can be applied to products on the order.


9. Can I use gift cards to pay for subscription orders?

Because subscription orders are automatic, you would need to contact our Customer Care team to apply a gift card to a subscription. Customer Care will manually apply the gift card and refund your credit card accordingly.


10. Do gift cards expire?

No, they have no expiration date.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.