Essential Ayurvedic Travel Products

Traveling is an exciting and enriching experience that allows us to explore new places, expand our horizon, and deepen our connection to others—and the better prepared we are before we leave home, the more enjoyable and fulfilling the experience can be. Following Ayurvedic tips and including some Ayurvedic herbs and products in your routine can help you stay healthy, grounded, and feeling resilient, no matter where the road takes you.

Ayurvedic Tips for Travel

However you're traveling—whether you're going on road trips or taking long flights for work travel —Ayurveda has valuable insights to offer.

According to Ayurveda, traveling increases vata, the dosha that governs movement and is characterized by dry, light, mobile qualities. We can see how traveling has similar qualities—we're on the go (mobile) and we're often in dry and sometimes cold environments. Flying, with its dry cabin air, can be especially aggravating to vata.

When vata is naturally increased in our environments, we can feel a similar increase in our physiology. This can lead to anxiousness and feeling unsettled or ungrounded, and we can experience dry skin, trouble sleeping, and more.

To counterbalance the heightened vata, bringing in opposite qualities can be very supportive. Think warming, grounding, and nourishing foods, teas, and practices.

Whenever possible, opt for nutritious and easily digestible meals. Avoid heavy, greasy foods that can lead to indigestion and lethargy during your trip. Additionally, be sure to stay hydrated, and sip water or warm tea while traveling, which has the added benefit of soothing digestion and calming the nervous system.

Practicing abhyanga (self-massage with oil) while traveling can also be incredibly soothing and grounding to the nervous system, while it also nourishes and hydrates the skin. Nasya Oil, a nasal herbal oil that can hydrate the nasal passages, can be a very supportive practice too.

Build Your Own Ayurvedic Travel Kit

Don't forget to shop for products that can help keep you in good health while traveling! Here are some guidelines to create your own travel kit:

  • Welcome in oil. Pack an herbal oil for massage, like Daily Massage Oil, along with Nasya Oil to support your sinuses.
  • Stay hydrated and support digestion. Pack a water bottle, teas, and your favorite herbal drink mix. Chamomile, ginger, CCF Tea, or Turmeric Milk are especially great!
  • Support your energy and stress (without caffeine!). 7-Herb Energy, I Travel Well, Stress Ease, and Tranquil Mind are perfect travel companions.
  • Keep your immune system healthy. Immune Strong tablets are a convenient option.

To round out your travel kit, it can be a good idea to include products for stress, sleep, and immune health.

By incorporating Ayurvedic principles and using a DIY Ayurvedic travel kit, you can support your well-being and enjoy your journey to the fullest. No matter where your travels take you, Ayurveda can help you leave home well-prepared and return with beautiful memories of a healthy and rejuvenating travel experience.