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Super Nasya Oil

Super Nasya Oil

Herbal nasal drops with rose and sandalwood to support the sinuses and clear the mind
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About Super Nasya Oil

Formulated by Ayurvedic physician Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, this potent nasal lubricant is ideal for times of cleansing. Balancing for all doshas, its awakening and refreshing quality clears the mind and may help relieve occasional congestion, while the gentle properties of rose and sandalwood support emotional well-being.

  • Soothes the nasal passages
  • Supports healthy respiration
  • Calms the senses
  • Supports mental clarity
  • Comforts neck tension and stiffness

How To Use

Tilt your head back gently and place 3 to 5 drops into each nostril. Sniff gently and deeply. This can be administered twice a day, or as directed by your health practitioner.

Do not use if you are pregnant. Not recommended for children under 10 years of age. Consult a practitioner prior to use if you have a cold, the flu, or a sinus infection.


Refined Sesame seed oil (Sesamum indicum)+, Sunflower seed oil (Helianthus annuus)+, Eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus)+, Sandalwood essential oil (Santalum paniculatum)+, Ravintsara essential oil (Cinnamomum camphora)+, Rose Otto essential oil (Rosa x damascena)+.

+ Certified Organic

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Herbal Highlights

  • Rose Flower

    Rose Flower

    Rose is sometimes referred to as the queen of the herbal kingdom and has been used throughout the world to soothe and uplift the heart.*

  • Sandalwood


    Sandalwood is a prized aromatic wood with an earthy and calming scent. Our sandalwood is sustainably and ethically harvested from Hawaii.

  • Eucalyptus


    The leaves of the eucalyptus tree are prized for their bright refreshing scent as well as their calming, clarifying, and uplifting effect.

Sidha Soma Supreme | Ayurvedic Physician Formulated

Ayurvedic Physician Vasant Lad
  • Cruelty Free

    Cruelty Free

  • Plant Based

    Plant Based

  • Non Gmo

    Non Gmo

  • Phthalate Free

    Phthalate Free

  • Paraben Free

    Paraben Free

eucalyptus plant
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    Sustainably Sourced

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    Certified Organic

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