Ayurvedic Herbs for Weight Management

From an Ayurvedic perspective, it is more effective, and holistic, to focus on lifestyle adjustments than on weight-loss fads. And while there are many products on the market that claim to be fat burning supplements that will help you lose weight, we at Banyan seek to promote healthy lifestyle changes enhanced and supported by Ayurvedic practices, including Ayurvedic herbs.

Herbs offer valuable systemic support. They aid in digestion, detoxification, healthy appetite, and other metabolic processes. Diet is a major component in weight management and Ayurveda beautifully offers some diet guidelines to best suit your unique prakriti and vikriti. If you are unsure of your special constitution or your current state of being, our Ayurvedic Profile™ quiz is a great place to start. And because knowledge is power, you will be able to incorporate self-knowledge into personal power. Then you're off to the races!

Why Herbs are Effective for Healthy Weight

Herbs for energy, digestion, and metabolic support are an effective component of weight management because they help to support the body's natural functions as a whole. Our bodies are innately intelligent. And a plant's intelligence only adds to the body's natural capacities.

  • Triphala is a classic Ayurvedic formula that aids in the detoxification, assimilation, and rejuvenation of the digestive tract. It supports regular elimination and regeneration of tissues, supporting overall balance throughout the body.
  • Amalaki is one of the three fruits in triphala and is considered a rejuvenative for pitta.
  • Haritaki, also an ingredient in triphala, is especially rejuvenating and supportive for vata.
  • Bibhitaki is the third fruit in the formula and is stellar at rejuvenating and detoxifying kapha.
  • Punarnava is another supportive herb for weight management and is particularly balancing for kapha. Punarnava supports the heart's function, as well as the liver and kidneys.
  • Shardunika, or Gymnema sylvestre, is famous for its ability to curb sweet cravings. This herb indirectly supports balanced weight by promoting healthy food cravings. 
  • Ashwagandha is one of the best herbs for energy and can also support healthy weight, especially for those trying to build and tone the body. Its nourishing properties are excellent for supporting the strength and growth of the bones and muscles.

Banyan Quality and Guarantee

For over 20 years, Banyan Botanicals has been committed to providing organic herbs farmed by sustainable farming methods, including a fair-trade standard. Banyan is also a part of the FairWild certification project, an initiative that helps ensure the protection of wild plant species and their habitats, while supporting a fair livelihood of those involved in the harvesting process. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 90-day guarantee. Just contact us to return the item and we will refund you for the item amount.