Banyan x AyurPrana

Banyan x AyurPrana

Ayurveda is based on the principle of interconnection, and community is at the foundation of what we do. We are proud to partner with AyurPrana to offer curated Ayurvedic experiences to support your journey of wellness and self-discovery. 

Our Roots: Aligned from Day One

As with all things Ayurveda, our partnership starts with our roots. The founders of both Banyan Botanicals and AyurPrana studied under Vasant Lad, BAM&S, MASc, the renowned physician who brought Ayurveda to the West, and were deeply inspired by his profound insights into the wisdom of Ayurveda. 

As partner entities, we share similar values, a vision of health and well-being that is aligned with nature, and a passion for sharing the teachings of Ayurveda with the modern world. We also share the belief that it takes a committed team to support an individual in their wellness journey.

Banyan and AyurPrana are passionately dedicated to providing life-changing experiences that will guide and empower you toward optimal health and wellness.

Banyan offers free Ayurvedic lifestyle information on our website and an extensive array of herbal products. AyurPrana brings a modern approach to personal wellness and offers a diverse array of healing modalities and trainings, both online and in-person.

Together, Banyan and AyurPrana provide you with access to a virtual wellness community, guided practitioner support, in-depth education, and the highest quality Ayurvedic products on the market.

Do a Guided Cleanse with AyurPrana

AyurPrana's Seasonal Cleanse Join Now

Take your health to the next level with a 9-day at-home Ayurvedic cleanse. Guided by AyurPrana's expert practitioners and powered by a curated selection of Banyan herbs and products, you will be supported every step of the way to ensure an optimal and effective cleanse experience. 

This unique offering allows you to cleanse from the comfort of your own home, while receiving personalized, daily, hands-on support by a team of experienced cleanse coaches and Ayurvedic practitioners. 

Personalized cleansing supplies and herbal support will be sent directly to your door by Banyan Botanicals, making your cleanse preparation as simple and enjoyable as can be. Banyan customers receive a special discount of 40% off the original price when you sign up for the spring cleanse.

Join the AyurPrana+ Streaming Community

Inspiring Stories, Timeless Practices Learn More

Discover your spark at the intersection of spirituality, art, and the natural world with AyurPrana+. This on-demand streaming platform is a community hub for those seeking inspiration and conscious entertainment that uplifts the heart, nourishes the soul, and reconnects us to the natural world.

When you join, you will experience: 

  • Entertainment with Purpose. Discover a curated library of inspirational documentaries, feature films, and empowering practices that delve into a rich array of traditions, including Yoga, Ayurveda, and Herbalism.

  • Empowerment. Reconnect with nature's healing traditions and tap into your own inner wisdom. Learn how to craft your own remedies, grow your own food, create nourishing meals, and bring mindfulness to your movement and breath.

  • Community Support. Connect with other members to share experiences, insights, and encouragement, and create a space for collective growth and connection.

Join the community and download the app to open your heart and accelerate your wellness journey.


banyan leafCurious to learn more? Here's a sneak peek of what to expect when you join Ayurprana+.