Men's Health Supplements

Male and female alike, we want to maintain and retain our health and vitality well into the late stages of life. As similar as we are, men's health will come with its own particular set of circumstances—hair loss, maintaining muscle mass, a healthy prostate and testosterone levels, for example. Men's vitality largely depends on these circumstances, and supplements for men will target these distinct body systems and tissues. For more in depth reading on men's health and ways to support it, our men's health guide is a valuable resource. Optimally, we will enjoy our lives right up to the very end

An Ayurvedic Perspective

Many supplements and Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions for men incorporate pitta-balancing qualities and practices. As Ayurveda is essentially a qualitative medical system, the doshas are comprised of twenty balancing qualities, or gunas. These are characteristics that are found in all of nature. Some of the qualities that make up pitta dosha are hot, light, liquid, spreading, and sharp; thus, to bring balance to these qualities, we would cultivate the opposite—cool, heavy, dense, and soft. Pitta is related to the emotions of competition, ambition, anger, and control; but also, passion, courage, and persistence. These qualities ultimately have an effect on your health. Consider the effect on the heart if one is always “fired up” and sharp with a critical tongue or mind. And because the heart is ultimately the bedrock of our bodily systems, its health is paramount to the health of the rest of the body. Bringing balance to pitta often means learning to surrender, to relax, and to breathe deeply.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Men's Health

  • While long prized in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia, ashwagandha has gained popularity in the West as an adaptogenic herb that is both nourishing and calming to the central nervous system, aiding in both energy levels and sound sleep. It is also particularly supportive to the adrenal glands and the male reproductive system.
  • Gokshura is an Ayurvedic herb with a strong affinity for the genitourinary system, offering a tonifying effect to the kidneys, bladder, and prostate. These, along with Macuna pruriens (kapikacchu) and vidari kanda, two traditional aphrodisiacs, make up the core of our Men's Support formula, promoting virility and vitality.
  • Haritaki is a single herb renowned for its ability to gently remove toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. As the colon is the seat of vata, haritaki is especially endeared for its support of the digestive process, assimilation, and elimination in particular. It is traditionally used as a remedy for vata-related imbalances, and helps to encourage the healthy, downward flow of vata.
  • Arjuna and hawthorn berry are two herbs that have a strong rapport with the heart. Considered rejuvenating and tonifying, they strengthen the circulatory system, helping to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • For external support, Ashwagandha Bala Oil offers the strengthening and building qualities of these herbs and used in accompaniment to Ayurvedic self-massage (abhyanga) is an excellent way to reinforce tissue integrity and to relieve stress and fatigue.

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