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  1. Calm and Grounded Bundle
    Calm and Grounded Bundle

    Complementary Products for Peace and Well-Being

  2. Cleanse Bundle
    Cleanse Bundle

    Complementary Products to Support a 7-Day Detox*

  3. Daily Routine Bundle
    Daily Routine Bundle

    Complementary Products to Support Your Daily Routine*

  4. Deep Sleep Bundle
    Deep Sleep Bundle

    Complementary Products to Promote Sound and Restful Sleep*

  5. Healthy Hair Bundle
    Healthy Hair Bundle

    Complementary Products to Support Ayurvedic Haircare*

  6. Immune Support Bundle
    Immune Support Bundle

    Complementary Products to Bolster Your Health*

  7. Joint Comfort Bundle
    Joint Comfort Bundle

    Complementary Products to Support Comfortable Joint Movement*

  8. Kapha Balancing Bundle
    Kapha Balancing Bundle

    Complementary Products to Balance Kapha*

  9. Oral Health Bundle
    Oral Health Bundle

    Complementary Products to Support Oral Hygiene*

  10. Pitta Balancing Bundle
    Pitta Balancing Bundle

    Complementary Products to Balance Pitta*

  11. Radiant Skin Bundle
    Radiant Skin Bundle

    Complementary Products to Support Healthy Skin*

  12. Rejuvenation Bundle
    Rejuvenation Bundle

    Complementary Products to Renew and Revitalize*

  13. Vata Balancing Bundle
    Vata Balancing Bundle

    Complementary Products to Balance Vata*

  14. Weight Management Bundle
    Weight Management Bundle

    Complementary Products to Trim and Detoxify*

  15. Women's Vitality Bundle
    Women's Vitality Bundle

    Complementary Products to Support Health, Balance, and Beauty*

  16. Yoga Life Bundle
    Yoga Life Bundle

    Complementary Products to Nourish Yourself Off the Mat*

Health Bundles: Supplements, Balms & Oils

Studies have shown that the easier a new health regimen, the more success one will have in following it. For example, in 2016 a pilot study initiated by a group of researchers at Cornell University found that fruit consumption increased by more than 60 percent when apples in school cafeterias were served sliced as opposed to whole. The same can be said of adults. “People can achieve remarkable changes in their lives one small step at a time,” says Dr. Edward M. Phillips, assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. This is one reason we have created our health bundles—to make achieving your health goals one step easier.

Daily Wellness Routine

Ayurveda as a science and philosophy gives a practical framework for healthy living: paying attention to complementary energies, following seasonal rhythms, adhering to a diet best for our body type, and adopting a daily routine to name a few. With this framework in the forefront, Banyan’s health bundles are meant to support you in your wellness routine. Whether it’s a hair care routine, skin care kit, or looking to improve your sleep quality, you will find what you are looking for in our health bundle collection.

Given that a healthy daily routine is central to Ayurvedic living, let one of our health bundles be part of that routine. Our Oral Health Bundle will get your day off to a good start; our Joint Comfort Bundle will support your movement through the day; and our Deep Sleep Bundle will assure a quality night of sleep at the end. If you are new to Ayurveda, the dosha balancing bundles are an excellent first step. And the Cleanse Bundle is everything you need for a successful Ayurvedic cleanse, minus the vegetables! Also, for your convenience, you may choose to leave out one or more items in a bundle or stock up on a favorite.