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  1. New Ashwagandha Latte Mix
    Ashwagandha Latte Mix

    Grounding Adaptogen Blend

  2. Mellow Mind
    Mellow Mind™

    CCF Tea with Chamomile and Brahmi

  3. Adrenal Nourish™ tablets
    Adrenal Nourish™ tablets

    Rejuvenating Formula for Adrenal Health*

  4. Deep Sleep Bundle
    Deep Sleep Bundle

    Welcome in Restful Sleep

    Out of stock
  5. Sleep Easy Oil™
    Sleep Easy Oil™

    Deep Restful Sleep

  6. Best Seller I Sleep Soundly™ tablets
    I Sleep Soundly™ tablets

    Promotes Sound, Restful Sleep*

    Out of stock
  7. Best Seller Tranquil Mind™ tablets
    Tranquil Mind™ tablets

    Promotes Mental Calmness and Well-Being*

    Out of stock
  8. Best Seller Ashwagandha tablets
    Ashwagandha tablets

    Rejuvenation for Vata & Kapha that Promotes Vitality & Strength*

    Out of stock
  9. Ashwagandha liquid extract
    Ashwagandha liquid extract

    Rejuvenation for Vata & Kapha that Promotes Vitality & Strength*

  10. Brahmi Oil Sesame
    Brahmi Oil (Sesame)

    Calm. Clear. Aware.

  11. Brahmi Oil Coconut
    Brahmi Oil (Coconut)

    Calm. Clear. Aware.

  12. Bhringaraj Oil
    Bhringaraj Oil

    Tranquility for the Body and Mind


Herbal Sleep Supplements & Aids

In the Ayurvedic tradition, sleep is one of the four pillars of health. Sleep is essential for both our biology and our psychology. It is no secret that we need proper rest and rejuvenation to maintain our physical and mental health and well-being. Here at Banyan Botanicals, we take these pillars seriously, which is just one of the reasons we are proud to offer many herbal sleep aid options and natural sleep supplements—from our variety of herbal tablets to our herbal-infused oils, to our wide offering of bulk herbs, the best herbs for sleep are at your fingertips.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Sleep

For millennia, humans have looked to plants for their variety of life-supporting qualities, including their ability to support and enhance relaxation, mood, calm, and sleep. Perhaps some of the most widely-known herbs to help you sleep are valerian, chamomile, and ashwagandha. Valerian is a rhizome with an affinity for the nervous system. In Ayurvedic terms, it is considered tamasic which means it has a heavy quality, like earth. It helps to calm the muscles and nervous system and also to help cleanse ama, or natural toxins, from the colon and blood. Chamomile is a flower that grows wild around the world. It is considered a sattvic herb and is said to be balancing to the emotions. Chamomile is calming and soothing and especially good for pitta. While ashwagandha has long been used in Ayurvedic pharmacology, it has been gaining popularity in the West for its nutritive and regenerative qualities. Ashwagandha is also considered sattvic, calming, and rejuvenating for vata. When our nervous system and vata dosha are nourished, our bodies are better able to handle the stresses in our lives.

Our I Sleep Soundly™ formula combines these herbs and more to create a truly synergistic all-natural sleep aid. Used with our Sleep Easy Oil, these two make the perfect addition for your nightly routine. To learn more about healthy sleep practices, you can read more in the Ayurvedic Guide to Balanced Sleep.