Our Team

Our Team is the heart of Banyan! With a growing team of 95+ wonderfully unique individuals, we're united by our passion to make Banyan’s mission possible. We believe in the inherent connection between plants and people, and everything we do is in service of this connection.

  • Angel D.Angel D.

    Angel D. Executive Assistant

  • Benjamin C.

    Benjamin C. Facilities and Safety Supervisor

  • Breanna PottsBreanna Potts

    Breanna Potts Editorial Manager

  • Carla Leza

    Carla Leza Shipping Specialist

  • Cassandra BlackCassandra Black

    Cassandra Black Domestic Sourcing Manager

  • Ceinwen K.Ceinwen K.

    Ceinwen K. Customer Care Supervisor

  • Chirag Shah

    Chirag Shah Amazon Store Manager

  • Delaney RydeDelaney Ryde

    Delaney Ryde Customer Care Specialist

  • Doug NealDoug Neal

    Doug Neal Special Advisor to the Executive Team

  • Emily MillerEmily Miller

    Emily Miller Professional Relations Manager

  • Erin DouglasErin Douglas

    Erin Douglas Sr. Manager, Social & Environmental Responsibility

  • Erin SmithErin Smith

    Erin Smith VP of Herbal Science and Research

  • Felicia McIlhaney

    Felicia McIlhaney Inventory Coordinator

  • Gina MencariniGina Mencarini

    Gina Mencarini System Administrator

  • Jenna B.

    Jenna B. Amazon Shipping Specialist

  • Jonathan T.Jonathan T.

    Jonathan T. Shipping Supervisor

  • Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez Oil Bottling Technician

  • Justine M.

    Justine M. Quality Assurance Senior Coordinator

  • Katrina ShreveKatrina Shreve

    Katrina Shreve Customer Care Supervisor

  • Kevin Casey

    Kevin Casey Co-Founder and CEO

  • Kimberly O.

    Kimberly O. Herb Production Lead

  • Laura Stickler

    Laura Stickler Labeling Specialist

  • Mark C.

    Mark C. Shipping Specialist

  • Mary K.Mary K.

    Mary K. Graphic Designer

  • Matt C.Matt C.

    Matt C. Technology Manager

  • Matthew Southers

    Matthew Southers Receiving Warehouse Specialist

  • Maya WautersMaya Wauters

    Maya Wauters Packaging Coordinator

  • McKenzie S.McKenzie S.

    McKenzie S. Creative Services Manager

  • Megan DoneganMegan Donegan

    Megan Donegan VP of Sales and Marketing

  • Michael P.Michael P.

    Michael P. Facility Technician

  • Mirsa Miller

    Mirsa Miller Human Resources Office Administrator

  • Olivia Salamanca

    Olivia Salamanca Herb Production Specialist

  • Paul GiacomelliPaul Giacomelli

    Paul Giacomelli Customer Care Specialist

  • Rachel WedinRachel Wedin

    Rachel Wedin Director of Brand Marketing

  • Sam N.Sam N.

    Sam N. Email Marketing Specialist

  • Samantha A.Samantha A.

    Samantha A. Customer Care Manager

  • Sean Callahan

    Sean Callahan Director of Operations

  • Selena ZamudioSelena Zamudio

    Selena Zamudio Social Media Coordinator

  • Seren Rubens

    Seren Rubens Content Copywriter and Copyeditor

  • Stacy Haddorff

    Stacy Haddorff Senior Manager Performance Marketing

  • Tikka Harish KumarTikka Harish Kumar

    Tikka Harish Kumar Products and Research Project Manager

  • Tyler Wauters

    Tyler Wauters VP of Sourcing and Product Design

  • Valerie Weyrich

    Valerie Weyrich Social Media and Community Manager

  • Veronica Ruiz

    Veronica Ruiz Herb Production Specialist

  • Victoria U.

    Victoria U. Oil Bottling Lead

  • Xavier Romero

    Xavier Romero Inventory and Receiving Lead