• Warming Herbal Chai Recipes for Each Dosha
    • Recipes & DIY
    • 4 days ago
    Warming Herbal Chai Recipes for Each Dosha

    Ayurveda recommends a counterbalancing lifestyle approach to help prevent imbalances: in the winter, balance the cold with warmth. Herbal spiced chai is a delicious beverage for generating internal warmth and keeping the digestive fire burning.

  • Give The Gift of Calm
    • Seasonal Topics
    • December 03, 2018
    Give The Gift of Calm

    Looking for relaxation gifts? These suggestions are meant to offer support to anyone who is stressed, overworked, or just plain exhausted. 

  • 10 Gentle Yoga Stretches You Can Do in Bed
    • Yoga & Pranayama
    • November 29, 2018
    10 Gentle Yoga Stretches You Can Do in Bed

    Find out which poses you can practice in your very own bed! Whether you’re just beginning your day or unwinding before sleep, these ten easy postures can help to stretch and strengthen your hips, back, and belly, support your nervous system, stimulate digestion, and bring awareness to your breath.

  • 5 Self-Care Gifts for Yourself
    • Ayurvedic Lifestyle
    • November 26, 2018
    5 Self-Care Gifts for Yourself

    We take care of our cars, our homes, our jobs, our children, and the many people we love. Why then can it be so difficult to give ourselves the care and attention we also need and deserve?

  • Gratitude as Medicine
    • Ayurvedic Lifestyle
    • November 22, 2018
    Gratitude as Medicine

    Gratitude swells from, and lightens the heart. But it also requires a certain presence, which I believe gives it a particularly slow, grounding quality. Here are some suggestions as to how you might play with expanding your own sense of gratitude.

  • The Benefits of Mindful Eating
    • Ayurvedic Lifestyle
    • November 19, 2018
    The Benefits of Mindful Eating

    To practice eating mindfully, take a deep breath and say a word of gratitude over your food. Now take your first bite. Put your eating utensil back down and rest your hands in your lap. If you are enjoying a sandwich or hand-held food, place it back on the plate. Sit and experience the taste on your tongue and the texture of the food in your mouth.

  • Gifts for Yoga Lovers
    • Yoga & Pranayama
    • November 14, 2018
    Gifts for Yoga Lovers

    Read this article to find the perfect gift selections for yogis in particular. Here you will find a helpful suggestions from our Banyan inventory of items that make for great gifts for yoga teachers and enthusiasts alike.

  • DIY Spice Blending
    • Recipes & DIY
    • November 13, 2018
    DIY Spice Blending

    Spices are an incredible way to bring the six tastes into a meal and can have a powerful effect on the body and mind. Read this article to learn how to make some invigorating seasonal masalas, along with tips on purchasing, storing, toasting, grinding, and blending spices at home. 

  • Your Ayurvedic Gift Guide for the Holidays
    • Seasonal Topics
    • November 12, 2018
    Your Ayurvedic Gift Guide for the Holidays

    Ayurvedic gifts that come from the heart can make a big impact on the people you love this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for Hanukah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, or Christmas presents, or gift ideas for another day of joyous celebration, show your loved ones just how much you value their wellness, happiness, and success with Ayurvedic herbal gifts and tools for health.

  • Adrenal Nourish™ for an Active Life
    • Our Products
    • November 09, 2018
    Adrenal Nourish™ for an Active Life

    Read all about Adrenal Nourish™, a unique formula designed to support you and your lifestyle by aiding healthy functioning of the adrenal glands, while also contributing to the overall balance of the nervous system—often the root of adrenal imbalance. 

  • Seasonal Recipe: Curried Yam & Toor Dal Soup
    • Recipes & DIY
    • November 08, 2018
    Seasonal Recipe: Curried Yam & Toor Dal Soup

    Learn this fresh new recipe for toor dal! Called pigeon peas in English, this legume does not often get the attention it deserves. One reason could be the time it takes to cook them; however, the flavor and nutrients are worth it. And with a good soak or a pressure cooker, they’re ready to eat in no time at all. This recipe easily transforms from a creamy, heavy soup to a light dal, which can be served over your favorite grain, perhaps with a veggie or a freshly made relish to add an array of qualities.

  • Vata-Pacifying Pumpkin Spice Latte
    • Recipes & DIY
    • November 05, 2018
    Vata-Pacifying Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Make your pumpkin spice latte a vata-pacifying treat with this simple, fun, Ayurvedic drink recipe for vata season.

  • Calming Your Mind with Shirodhara
    • Ayurvedic Lifestyle
    • November 01, 2018
    Calming Your Mind with Shirodhara

    Shirodhara as a treatment consists of a stream of warm oil run continuously on the forehead. The purpose of shirodhara is to calm the nervous system. Inherent in this process is choosing an oil that has qualities which support the mind and body to come back to balance.

  • Navigating Your Soul Purpose
    • Ayurvedic Lifestyle
    • October 29, 2018
    Navigating Your Soul Purpose

    Have you ever wondered why taking care of yourself and your body is so important? It is all about fulfilling our dharma, or life purpose. Read this exciting article to help you determine how Ayurveda can help you not only feel great, but help you determine how you can use that health to fulfill your life goals. 

  • What is Nasya Oil & How to Use It
    • Daily Routine
    • October 25, 2018
    What is Nasya Oil & How to Use It

    Nasya is the nasal administration of medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils. Different types of substances are used to treat many various aliments. Nasya oil is an herbal infused oil which is both nurturing and nourishing, alleviating numerous discomforts that occur above the clavicle area.

  • The Wisdom of Ayurvedic Tongue Reading
    • Health Topics
    • October 22, 2018
    The Wisdom of Ayurvedic Tongue Reading

    The shape of the tongue helps to reveal one’s constitution. Vata tongues tend to be narrow and off-center. Pitta tongues tend to be medium width and pointy, and kapha tongues are wide and thick. The color of a tongue gives us information as well. When a tongue is purple, that indicates a vata imbalance.

  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Energy with Ayurveda
    • Health Topics
    • October 19, 2018
    7 Ways to Boost Your Energy with Ayurveda

    Finding the delicate balance between what fuels you and what depletes you is essential for sustaining energy, yet this is something that can take a lifetime to learn. Investing time and self-study into better understanding those details is important, and there are some basic principles within Ayurveda that can help. Just as the three Ayurvedic constitutions are often interested in different activities, each dosha also has a varying capacity for sustaining and expressing both physical and mental energy. 

  • Mucuna Pruriens: Getting to Know Your Herbal Allies
    • Our Products
    • October 16, 2018
    Mucuna Pruriens: Getting to Know Your Herbal Allies

    Discover the many benefits of mucuna pruriens! This amazing plant has a profound affinity for the nervous system and is known to be a natural source of the amino acid levodopa, or L-dopa.

  • Nourishing Curried Lentil Soup
    • Recipes & DIY
    • October 09, 2018
    Nourishing Curried Lentil Soup

    One of the best things you can do for your health is to eat freshly prepared food. Red lentils (masoor dal) make a terrific addition to any pantry because they are quick to cook and packed with protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. 

  • How to Make Turmeric Paste
    • Recipes & DIY
    • October 08, 2018
    How to Make Turmeric Paste

    Although it can be effective on its own, turmeric can be even more beneficial when combined with other ingredients that enhance its natural properties. Here, we’ll be discussing how you can take the many health benefits of turmeric a step further by creating a quick, easy, organic turmeric paste that can be used as the base for a tasty golden milk recipe, as a cooking ingredient, and more.

  • Secrets to a Successful Cleanse
    • Diet
    • October 01, 2018
    Secrets to a Successful Cleanse

    Before you start your cleanse, making sure your calendar is as clear as possible will help ensure your success. The body needs time and space in order to allow the nervous system to relax, helping to facilitate the deep process of detoxification

  • Adaptogenic Herbs of Ayurveda
    • Ayurveda 101
    • September 27, 2018
    Adaptogenic Herbs of Ayurveda

    Adaptation. Without this remarkable quality, life as we know it would not exist. It is only through the ability to adapt that humans, plants, and animals have evolved to their modern-day capacity. There is a fascinating concept at play here, and that is the fact that plants have actually helped us to adapt to our changing environments and circumstances. Plants have helped us cope—and adjust—with the stressors in our lives. These types of plants have come to be known as adaptogens.

  • Saffron-Spiced Summer Squash: A Recipe Worth Its Weight in Gold
    • Recipes & DIY
    • September 24, 2018
    Saffron-Spiced Summer Squash: A Recipe Worth Its Weight in Gold

    If you are looking for a new way to experience the beauty of autumn in your kitchen, reach for one of Ayurveda’s most revered spices: saffron. People are often intimidated by saffron because of its price. Yes, it is expensive, but like many things that have been held in high regard for centuries, good saffron is worth every penny.

  • Balancing Vata with a Fall Cleanse
    • Seasonal Topics
    • September 20, 2018
    Balancing Vata with a Fall Cleanse

    The change in seasons has an especially strong impact on us, making it easier for imbalance to take root. As fall naturally stirs up vata, it is a perfect time for many of us to do a vata-soothing cleanse.  

  • How to Support Balanced Hormones with Ayurveda
    • Women's Health
    • September 18, 2018
    How to Support Balanced Hormones with Ayurveda

    In our day and age, stress is an epidemic. Ayurveda provides us with tools that can help build resilience to the hormonal imbalances we are so susceptible to. The mind and body vacillate between two states, rest and digest (parasympathetic) and fight-or-flight (sympathetic), which we can liken to prakriti, our natural state, and vikriti, imbalance.

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