Your Annual Ayurvedic Gift Guide for the Holidays

Your Annual Ayurvedic Gift Guide for the Holidays

Ayurvedic gifts that come from the heart and foster a sense of well-being can make a big impact on the people you love this holiday season.

No matter what you're celebrating—Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, winter solstice—there's a perfect Ayurvedic gift that will delight the people you care about. Show your loved ones just how much you value their health, happiness, and success with Ayurvedic gifts and tools for well-being.

Below is our list of affordable holiday gifts—mostly under $30—that support a green, earth friendly, and health-conscious lifestyle.




Gift Cards. Give the gift of options with a digital gift card. Good for all Banyan products, our electronic gift cards are easy to pass along via email or print out and place inside a stocking. 

Soaps. Choose between calming Lavender, invigorating Cedar Eucalyptus, or soothing Neem & Aloe. These luxurious little gifts are perfect for friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers.

Nasya Oil. Introduce your loved ones to a simple and soothing Ayurvedic ritual. Nasya Oil cleanses and protects the nasal passages, promoting easeful breathing and a calm mind. 

gift guide gift card
Banyan Gift Card
gift guide soaps
gift guide nasya
Nasya Oil


Healthy Hair Oil. Luxurious Healthy Hair Oil supports thick, lustrous, and beautiful hair. The self-care lover in your life will sing your praises after discovering their newly nourished locks.

Beauty Balm. Our award-winning Beauty Balm is a customer beauty routine favorite. Lush and luxurious, it can be used on the face, hands, feet, or anywhere in need of a little extra TLC.

Daily Routine Bundle. Support your loved ones' wellness by sharing the power of an Ayurvedic daily routine. The Daily Routine Bundle provides everything they need to get started.

gift guide healthy hair oil
Healthy Hair oil
gift guide beauty balm
Beauty Balm
gift guide daily routine bundle
Daily Routine Bundle


Herbal Honeys. Spread a dose of sweetness with antioxidant and superfood packed herbal honeys. Choose gooey, golden Turmeric Honey or immune-supporting Elderberry Honey.

Kitchari Kit. Show your foodie friends you care about their passion and their health. Our Kitchari Kit includes all the essential supplies to make tasty and nourishing kitchari for a week.

Herbal Ghees. Our luscious herbal ghees are a wonderful way to spice up your food-lover's pantry with flavor and health. Gift them with Turmeric Ghee, Chai Spiced Ghee, or both!

gift guide healthy hair oil
Herbal Honeys
gift guide kitchari kit
Kitchari Kit
gift guide herbal ghees
Herbal Ghees


Bitter & Bold. Want to make your favorite coffee lover smile? Rich, robust, and caffeine-free, Bitter & Bold supports the body with grounded energy from roasty roots and seeds.

Masala Chai. Delight your favorite tea lover! Our moderately caffeinated Masala Chai is made with black tea, adaptogens, and fair trade spices for natural energy and a robust flavor. 

Ashwagandha Latte. Our creamy, dreamy Ashwagandha Latte is packed with adaptogens to support the body's natural resilience—and support your loved one's in their daily self-care.

gift guide bitter and bold
Bitter & Bold
gift guide masala chai
Masala Chai
gift guide ashwagandha latte
Ashwagandha Latte


Joint Balm. The yogi in your life will love the grounding aroma and soothing benefits of Joint Balm. Small and compact, this herbal rub is easy to throw in a yoga bag for on-the-go relief.

Mahanarayan Oil. Based on a traditional Ayurvedic recipe, beloved Mahanarayan Oil is rich, warming, and penetrating. It brings comfort and rejuvenation to tired joints and muscles.

Turmeric Milk. Give the gift of a nourishing and delicious beverage ritual. Turmeric is known to support a healthy inflammatory response, making Turmeric Milk a perfect post-yoga treat.

gift guide joint balm
Joint Balm
gift guide Mahanarayan Oil
Mahanarayan Oil
gift guide turmeric milk
Turmeric Milk


Mental Clarity. Support your favorite student with the power of nootropic herbs. Mental Clarity promotes memory, concentration, and a healthy brain and nervous system.

Focus Liquid Extract. This blend combines powerful herbs for cognitive support. Focus liquid extract is great to have on hand for studying, test taking, or mentally demanding days.

Immune Strong. Help keep your loved ones healthy all season long with Immune Strong. This powerhouse blend bolsters the body's natural defenses and supports robust well-being. 

gift guide mental clarity
Mental Clarity
gift guide Focus liquid extract
Focus liquid extract
gift guide immune strong tablets
Immune Strong


Stress Ease. We all know people who hold a bit too much and work a bit too hard. Help them take a load off with Stress Ease—designed to help the body cope with stress and fatigue.

Elevated Adaptogens. Give the movers and shakers in your life an extra boost. Elevated Adaptogens combines adaptogens and superfoods to energize the body and calm the mind.

Deep Sleep bundle. With calming herbal tablets and soothing massage oil, the Deep Sleep Bundle promotes deep, restful sleep. The perfect gift for anyone seeking sweet, dreamy zzzzs.

gift guide stress ease
Stress Ease
gift guide elevated adaptogens
Elevated Adaptogens
gift guide deep sleep bundle
Deep Sleep bundle

For more gift ideas, take a look at our guides for yoga lovers, self-care, and calmness.

Need some gift advice? Call our Customer Care team and speak to one of our knowledgeable reps about the products we carry. We are always happy to help you find the perfect gift to spread the joy of Ayurveda with your friends and family.