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  1. New Turmeric Honey Turmeric Honey
    Turmeric Honey

    Golden Drizzle of Superfood Spices

  2. New Elderberry Honey Elderberry Honey
    Elderberry Honey

    Bursting with Berry Superfoods

  3. Best Seller Chyavanprash Chyavanprash

    Rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbal jam traditionally used to support a healthy immune system*

    $17.49 Sale $24.99 Regular Price
  4. Elevated Adaptogens™ Elevated Adaptogens™
    Elevated Adaptogens™

    Whole Body Boost

  5. Everyday Greens™ tablets Everyday Greens™ tablets
    Everyday Greens™ tablets

    Natural source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for health and vitality*

  6. Immune Health NOW Immune Health NOW
    Immune Health NOW

    Powerful Ayurvedic herbs to support the respiratory and immune systems*

  7. Moringa powder Moringa powder
    Moringa powder

    Moringa oleifera, leaf powder

    $10.49 Sale $14.99 Regular Price
  8. Shilajit tablets Shilajit tablets
    Shilajit tablets

    Promotes Rejuvenation and Detoxification*

  9. Turmeric powder Turmeric powder
    Turmeric powder

    Curcuma longa, root powder

  10. Ashwagandha powder Ashwagandha powder all sizes
    Ashwagandha powder

    Withania somnifera, root powder

  11. Ginger powder Ginger powder
    Ginger powder

    Zingiber officinale, root powder


About Superfoods and Boosts

Ayurveda offers an abundance of nutrient-rich herbs and plant-based ingredients that are known to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. These organic superfoods, nutritious boosts, and healthy elixirs are an excellent way to enhance a well-rounded diet and incorporate Ayurveda in your daily routine, setting a foundation of robust health.

Superfoods and Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, these powerful ingredients and superfoods can be understood through the lens of rasayanas, herbs that provide deep-reaching nourishment and nutrition to the body to build healthy tissues, support a healthy immune system, and provide a healthy reserve of natural, balanced energy.

And these benefits are just the beginning. These herbs and formulas can also nourish the brain and nervous system, calm the mind and emotions, support healthy sleep, and promote peak performance throughout the day.   

This category of potent herbal products is well-worth the hype. More than just a trendy catch phrase, the meaning of “superfood” is backed by the physical and mental benefits offered by these Ayurvedic allies. Whether you are seeking a natural source of energy, stress relief, immune support, or herbs that complement your fitness goals, these nutrient-rich herbs and formulas are packed with health benefits and are a great place to start.

How to Use Ayurvedic Superfoods and Boosts

Many of these products can be easily added to your food, health drinks, or smoothie ingredients. Free of any chemical additives or caffeine, you can mix your herbs, vitamins, minerals, greens, or superfood powder into your morning beverage before you head out the door knowing that you’ve already boosted your day with powerful energy and optimal well-being.

In this category, you’ll find herbal superfoods powder blends for immune support and energy, such as Immune Health NOW and Elevated Adaptogens, as well as vitamin and mineral rich supplements like Everyday Greens, Moringa powder, and Shilajit.

We also offer an herbal honey line, which blend superfoods with organic, unfiltered, raw honey from Hawaii. These honeys are a delectable way to support your well-being. In addition, you’ll also find some of Ayurveda’s most famous herbal adaptogens, such as turmeric, ashwagandha, and ginger.

When stored properly, many of these products have a long shelf life and can last for years from the time of purchase.

If you’re someone who is sensitive to the taste of herbs, don’t worry! There are plenty of tasty ways to take these herbs and formulas, and like the herbal honeys, some blends actually taste delicious. Take Chyavanprash—this tasty rejuvenating herbal jam can be enjoyed on its own, mixed with warm milk, or even spread on toast.