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How the Banyan Team Tunes Into Summer

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Summer isn’t over yet! With temperatures all over the world soaring sky high, the desire to keep cool and balanced is at a maximum. It got us thinking about how to stay healthy and feeling harmonious in the peak of summer’s fervor. We asked Banyan employees to share how they find a sense of inner coolness. It turns out that there are so many ways to cool down and tune in! Here are some of our favorites.


Jennifer, Customer Service Specialist

Prakriti: Vata – Pitta

I tend to get slow and sleepy in the hot summer. My favorite way to cool off is to ride my bike to the Ashland reservoir then dive into the refreshing, cold water of the Siskiyou Mountains. Swimming in the water is so invigorating and the water keeps me cool to the bone for the rest of the day! I’ve also been staying cool by drinking my crazy cool concoction of coconut water, a couple Tablespoons aloe vera gel, pomegranate juice and a squeeze of lime.


Rachel, Customer Service Specialist

Prakriti: Pitta – Kapha

To cool down a hot, bright window, I cover it in blue tapestry and adorn the sill with glass vases in varying shades of blue.

The blue light pours through my window like a cool glass of water—keeping me calm through the heat.


Shawn Nasralla, Wholesale Specialist

Prakriti: Pitta – Kapha

In the hot summer months, when Pitta is revving, I make sure to have plenty of cooling treats around, both for my skin and for my internal digestive fire. Fresh, sweet seasonal fruits, rose water skin spritz and Soothing Skin Balm are my summer medicine. I also balance my driven pitta nature with plenty of playful swimming in cool rivers and spring fed lakes.


cooling rose


Zimryah, Customer Service Specialist

Prakriti: Pitta – Kapha

My family is Pitta predominant so our favorite summertime recipes are watermelon mint salad, cucumber cilantro salad, and homemade berry basil coconut ice cream. Taking frequent trips to local glacier fed creeks to swim and release Pitta is pure paradise. Our Neem Oil for skin replenishment and Neem and Aloe Soap for cleansing are the perfect combo. We wrap up our evenings by rubbing Brahmi Oil in a Coconut base on our feet and heads.


Breanna, Director of Education and Customer Service Training

Prakriti: Vata – Pitta

I follow my toddler’s tuned-in wisdom: we run through the sprinklers and eat homemade popsicles (I use my fave juice to make the popsicles). This isn’t necessarily tranquil, but we feel joyful, mellow, and “chilled-out” afterwards. I also find ways to appreciate the additional pitta and vata that comes my way: I revel in that gift of extra energy the summer brings and channel it into my favorite creative projects—draw, write, cook amazing food…the more I consciously use that extra surge of energy from the heat to create from the soul, the more I feel at peace. Finally, I stop to smell the roses—and all flowers. Talk about aromatherapy in its best form!