Job Description

Banyan Botanicals seeks a dedicated entry level Copywriter/Copyeditor to assist its content creation team in developing brand-oriented and effective marketing copy and providing readers with high-quality Ayurvedic materials and ongoing education.

Primary duties

  • Writing. The Copywriter/Copyeditor creates new content under the direction of the Content and Editing Manager. Such writing projects may include—but are not limited to—blog articles, guides, product descriptions, marketing copy, and social media content. The ideal candidate utilizes SEO best practices and identifies infelicities in spelling, grammar, style, and organization in her or his own work before submitting it for editorial review.
  • Revising. The Copywriter/Copyeditor incorporates feedback from the editors into his or her original work as well as existing catalog copy and resources as needed. The ideal candidate welcomes constructive critique, applies it meticulously, and continually strives to hone his or her communication skills.
  • Copyediting.The Copywriter/Copyeditor reviews, rewrites, and revises content submissions in collaboration with the editorial team as needed, ensuring the content is in alignment with the Banyan style, and incorporating copy optimizations for SEO performance when required.
  • Proofreading. The Copywriter/Copyeditor may review edited pieces prior to publication on the Banyan website or in printed materials for factual precision, visual appeal, and typographical consistency.
  • Researching. The Copywriter/Copyeditor keeps abreast of current trends in Ayurveda, health and wellness, herbal products, and more to suggest apropos topics and then to craft relevant, well-substantiated pieces, complete with appropriate documentation.
  • Collaborating. The Copywriter/Copyeditor works closely with other members of the content creation team to produce a robust body of educational and inspirational materials that aid customers in their healing journeys and pursuit of an appropriate Ayurvedic lifestyle.


  • Ayurvedic education. The Copywriter/Copyeditor must be formally educated in Ayurveda, through approved classes and programs as well as intimate familiarity with published Ayurvedic works. Prior experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner, educator, or trainer is a plus.
  • Bachelor’s degree. The Copywriter/Copyeditor ideally holds a degree in English, communications, journalism, advertising, or a closely related subject, or displays a comparable level of editorial skills.
  • Copywriting experience. The Copywriter/Copyeditor should have professional writing experience. She or he possesses a mastery of the English language, including grammar, syntax, and vocabulary; and is adept at using standard style guides (especially The Chicago Manual of Style). Industry-specific copywriting experience—namely, in Ayurveda or another health space—is a plus. The ideal candidate can demonstrate his or her writing proficiency with a portfolio of work upon request.
  • Strong computer skills with advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word. The Copywriter/Copyeditor must work skillfully in an electronic environment, with most written work performed in Microsoft Word. He or she should be comfortable using Track Changes, Word Styles, Word Templates, and other tools to facilitate editorial work and content management.
  • Strong interpersonal skills. The Copywriter/Copyeditor will play a dynamic role on the Banyan content creation team and may engage with other departments, including video production and marketing, as well as guest writers and the Ayurvedic community at large.

Desired Qualities

  • Passionate. The ideal candidate has experienced learning, living, and loving Ayurveda personally and can share Ayurveda clearly and authentically with others.
  • Articulate. The ideal candidate produces concise, grammatically correct, and stylistically aligned content that effectively communicates Ayurvedic concepts and engages readers.
  • Meticulous. The ideal candidate is a master of language, confident researcher, seeker of knowledge, and stickler for consistency and precision.
  • Creative. The ideal candidate possesses imagination, bringing curiosity and ingenuity to assigned projects.
  • Adaptable. The ideal candidate moves comfortably and fluidly between different content streams and media, applying a tone appropriate to the piece—be it informative, instructional, compelling, persuasive, or otherwise.
  • Organized. The ideal candidate adeptly juggles a variety of projects.
  • Self-directed but team-oriented. The ideal candidate transitions dynamically from self-initiation and idea generation to teamwork and collaboration.


  • This is a full-time position.
  • The ideal candidate lives near or is willing to relocate to the Ashland, Oregon, area.


  • Salary is commensurate with the delineated duties and the candidate’s experience and ability.
  • Standard Banyan benefits packages include health insurance and vacation time.