5 Tips to Supercharge Your Cleanse

5 Tips to Supercharge Your Cleanse

An Ayurvedic cleanse provides an opportunity to slow the flood of physical and environmental stressors so that the body can rest, recuperate, and repair itself. Though a cleanse is primarily food based, lifestyle recommendations help you to make the most of this healing process.

Supercharge your Ayurvedic cleanse with these 5 lifestyle tips:

1. Keep your activities as quiet and mindful as possible.

Giving yourself space from busy activity (physical and mental) allows your cleanse to work deeper.

2. Surround yourself with things that you find uplifting and nourishing.

Sometimes, taking on the work of a cleanse is enough stress on its own. Make things easier on yourself and keep yourself feeling positive and excited about the work you are doing by creating a happy and supportive environment.

Sitting in nature

3. Minimize stress and exposure to frantic or disturbing environments.

Stress and frantic or disturbing energy can cause you to feel tense, metaphorically and also literally! A cleanse is about letting go and keeping your channels open. Avoid stress so that you can stay open to the benefits of your cleanse.

4. A cleanse can stir up unresolved emotions, so it is important to be prepared for some emotional purging as well.

If intense emotions arise during or after your cleanse, greet your emotions with compassion, observe them with detached awareness, and allow them simply to move through—honoring yourself in the process.

5. REST as much as possible.

You can ensure that the bulk of your energy is devoted to cleansing by minimizing the number of resources that your body allocates elsewhere.