Support for Those Who Loved Women's Cycle Nourish

Support for Those Who Loved Women's Cycle Nourish

We loved our product, Women’s Cycle Nourish, and we know that many of you did too. For those of you who used it and loved it, we don’t want to leave you hanging, so here is some information that may help you continue to find cycle support from Ayurveda’s beautiful herbs.

Women with menstrual cycles that are characteristic of vata imbalances may typically experience any of the following:

  • Pain that is sharp, spasmodic in the lower abdomen or back (caused by intense uterine contractions preventing proper blood flow; cold quality causing constriction)
  • Dry or lightening of flow
  • Spotting before the flow and after the flow
  • Darkness in color
  • Stiffness in the body
  • Emotions of anxiety, nervousness, or fear
  • Some constipation (particularly at the start or right before the cycle)
  • Frothiness to the flow
  • The cycle can be more frequent, often with the above characteristics, and if you have a severe vata imbalance, the cycle can be less frequent.

These symptoms come from the dry, cold, and mobile qualities that promote depletion, constriction, and drying out of channels, which can cause occasional discomfort.

A combination of Healthy Vata and Shatavari will give you a mixture of herbs that warm and nourish, stabilize, bring moisture, and soothe. Begin with one tablet of each twice a day.

Alternatively, if you have access to an herbalist who can compound herbs, consider this combination of powdered herbs. This formula supports women with occasionally limited or scanty flow, promotes a regular monthly cycle, supports a comfortable menses experience, and is nourishing and strengthening for a woman’s reproductive system.

Shatavari root 5 parts
Gokshura fruit 3 parts
Musta root 3 parts
Vidari Kanda root 3 parts
Ashwagandha root 3 parts
Elecampane root 2 parts
Black Pepper ⅓ part
Ginger root ⅓ part
Pippali ⅓ part


Whether you have used our Women’s Cycle Nourish formula or not, if you are prone to scanty cycles with occasional discomfort, the herbal suggestions provided here will help you get through your next flow with greater comfort and ease.

Please keep in mind, if you are experiencing severe pain during your cycle, it is a sign that you should contact your health care provider to make sure you are receiving the care you need.