Lavender Soap

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Lavender Soap

Relaxing & Calming Blend That Soothes the Senses



  • Product Description
    • The fresh fragrance of lavender flowers has a deeply calming effect on the mind and body, and helps to soothe the senses. When used as part of a daily routine, Lavender Soap starts the morning off right by relaxing the nervous system and bringing a soft stability to the day ahead. Although the grounding nature of lavender is most ideal for vata, this soap is gentle enough to cool the heat of pitta, or offer extra nourishing support to kapha. When used in the evening, this luxurious soap helps to wash away the stresses of the day and bring the body into a place of total relaxation. The sweet scent of lavender essential oil combined with the gentle exfoliation of actual crushed lavender flowers will quickly turn your daily routine into a spa-like experience for the senses. To create the perfect lather, we use a well-balanced blend of all-natural, organic saponified oils that are GMO-free, leaving your skin silky and clean.

      Relaxing & Calming Blend That Soothes the Senses

      USDA Certified Organic

      When you purchase certified organic herbs from Banyan Botanicals, you can be confident that you are making a healthful choice, while also contributing to a healthier planet. In order to meet the USDA’s stringent organic standards our entire line of supply is regularly inspected by independent 3rd party certifying agencies.

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      Fairly Traded Herbs

      Banyan Botanicals is committed to trading fairly with everyone involved in the farming and production of our herbs.

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      Sustainable Sourcing

      Many widely used plants are threatened and in danger of being unavailable either through extinction or protective legislation. Banyan Botanicals is working to reverse this trend by supporting sustainable projects that use ecologically friendly methods of farming and harvesting.

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  • Product Facts
    • Ingredients:
      Saponified oils of Coconut+, Palm+, Sunflower+, Safflower+, Rosemary extract, Lavender essential oil, Alkanet+, Lavender flowers+, Vitamin E (GMO free).

      +Certified Organic

      This item contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


      Banyan Botanicals uses palm oil that is certified organic, fair trade, and certified sustainable.

      Palm fruit oil makes up a portion of our soap ingredients. The use of Palm oil has its challenges because commercial palm plantations throughout Southeast Asia are rapidly replacing the forests. In addition to the basic problem of deforestation, this is a concern because it severely diminishes animal habitat in these regions and particularly threatens orangutan viability. Our soap is made with only certified organic, fair trade palm oil from South American countries that are 3rd party certified for sustainability by the most stringent RSPO criteria (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil). We do not use palm oil sourced from Southeast Asia.

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