Banyan Farm

Banyan Farm

Our partners at Banyan Farm use sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices—including a polyculture design, crop rotation, and composting—all of which support overall biodiversity. All produce from Banyan Farm is grown ethically, harvested with care, and filled with the vitality of the land and the people who nurture it.

Located in Williams, Oregon, this 20-acre certified organic farm grows vegetables and both Ayurvedic and western herbs. In addition, they also host our Living Ayurveda Internship (LAI) and work with our Southern Oregon community by selling at local Growers’ Markets.


Ashwagandha seedlings from Banyan Farm

The Intention of Banyan Farm

As an Ayurvedic company, caring for nature is integral to the work we do at Banyan Botanicals. In today’s rapidly changing world, where climate change is a reality and we face environmental crises across the globe, our choices leave a greater impact on the environment than ever before.

From working to improve the recyclability of our packaging to ensuring the sustainability of all our herbs, we are constantly working toward making decisions founded in reciprocity with nature.

We are excited to work in close partnership with Banyan Farm. Our collective vision is to incorporate the herbs we harvest into our products as we grow deeper connections to the land and our local communities.


What Banyan Farm Grows

Banyan Farm is replete with herbs and vegetables, including ashwagandha, tulsi, bhringaraj, chamomile, skullcap, bhumyamalaki, shankhapushpi, echinacea, marshmallow, hemp, rosemary, lavender, bacopa, and brahmi/gotu kola, plus a variety of seasonal vegetables, and the farm has old apple trees that provide some of the best apples in the valley.

Banyan Farm’s herbs are used in our products at Banyan Botanicals, as well as in herbal products prepared on the farm. These herbal preparations and assorted vegetables are available at local Grower’s Markets in Southern Oregon.

During the growing season, Banyan Farm also offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program for the Southern Oregon community. For 25 weeks, members enjoy weekly boxes packed with seasonal produce, along with plant monographs, recipes, and occasional bundles of herbs grown on the farm.

The History of the Farm

Banyan Farm is fortunate to be growing on a piece of land with such a deep history of stewardship.

Honoring Indigenous History

This land has a deep history and connection with the local tribes that stretches back many thousands of years. We, and our partners at Banyan Farm, acknowledge the tumultuous history this landscape has endured, and we want to express our respect and appreciation for the tribes of this region such as the Takelma, Latgawa, Dakubetedee, Klamath, and Shasta, along with many others, for tending to this land and setting a model of earth care. 

The Farm’s Recent History

More recently, this land has been carefully tended by the Florin family—a team of skilled and dedicated organic farmers. Over decades, they transformed 20 acres of shallow, rocky soil into a balanced topsoil capable of producing healthy and beautiful vegetables and herbs. Thanks to their hard work, the farm has been Certified Organic through Oregon Tilth since 1998.

Fruit trees, native shrubs, and hedgerows planted over the years create a foundation of biodiversity. The rich fertile structure of the soil reflects years of care and attention.

We are honored to be working so closely with this land through our Banyan Farm partners. With deep gratitude to the land’s previous caretakers, we move forward in supporting Banyan Farm with a commitment to continue and deepen this land’s tradition of organic and regenerative farming.

About the Region

The farm is nestled within the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains of Southern Oregon, placed against the backdrop of rolling hills populated with conifers, oaks, and madrones. 

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Klamath-Siskiyou bioregion is one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in North America. It is an IUCN Area of Global Botanical Significance—one of seven in North America—and is a proposed World Heritage Site and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.1

The Klamath-Siskiyous are home to the Rogue River watershed, which is one of the first rivers designated in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968.2 It is also home to several other rivers designated as Wild and Scenic, making it the bioregion with the largest concentration of Wild and Scenic Rivers outside of Alaska. The waterways that weave around Banyan Farm are home to ancestral salmon spawning grounds still active today.3

This bioregion has often acted as a refuge for countless species in times of environmental shifts such as glacial movement and climate change. The unique geologic history of the area is a contributing factor to the biological diversity in the region today.


The Banyan Botanicals Farm landscape

About the Community

Banyan Farm finds its home in a community with a tradition of medicinal herb production and education in Southern Oregon. Herb Pharm, Pacific Botanicals, Strictly Medicinals, and many others located within just a few miles of Banyan Farm have been pioneers in creating a model for growing medicinal herbs.

These farms have helped transform Williams and Southern Oregon into a hub for herbalists, organic farmers, and plant lovers, highly unique for such a small rural town. By working with Banyan Farm, we feel privileged to form part of this community’s legacy of sustainable farming and medicinal herb cultivation.