Lymphatic System

    • Lymphatic System
    • March 06, 2015
    Bringing Vitality and Flow to the Lymph

    A 41 year-old (prakriti V1P3K2) male visits with you wanting to prepare for a year of optimal wellness. Upon further questioning, he does mention that he has some congestion and phlegm every morning, feels sluggish (as if he can’t get out of holiday mode), and has a sense of heaviness throughout the day in his body, particularly in the chest area. You note that he is overweight (BMI of 39.5), his digestive fire is slow, and his tongue looks particularly glossy. He desires one diet, lifestyle, herbal, and yoga recommendation. Which of the following would you not include?

    • Lymphatic System
    • February 17, 2015
    How to Recognize Lymph Congestion

    As the cold and dampness of winter melts away to the warmth of spring, our bodies also mirror these changes in nature. Being familiar with the movements of kapha (most prevalent within the plasma and lymphatic system or rasa dhatu) will enable us to support its proper transformation and elimination at the dawn of spring. This helps to set the body up for optimal wellness in the seasons to come. On the contrary, a failure to do so can take us down a vicious cycle of constantly struggling to eliminate excess kapha.

    • Lymphatic System
    • September 20, 2013
    Immunity and Ayurveda

    Immunity is the body's natural response to protect and maintain homeostasis in the system. It is the ecological relationship between the body-mind and the world in which it lives and interacts. It is a wholistic system interconnected with the psychological-endocrine-neurological systems in the body.

    • Lymphatic System
    • July 05, 2011
    Nourishing Rasa Part 2
    • Lymphatic System
    • June 06, 2011
    Nourishing Rasa Part 1