Constitution: Pitta-Vata
Currently Resides: Ashland, OR
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA




As an aspiring filmmaker, Marga works to present stories that blueprint the kind of world in which we are all "happy and free." She comes to Banyan from a career in publications and multimedia design, having worked for the National Geographic Magazine, Yogi Times Magazine, and CNET. More recently she has been applying those storytelling skillsets in the realm of independent film and video projects. Marga regularly practices yoga and has completed years of study and certifications in vedic sciences complementary to Ayurveda. When not behind a camera or computer screen she indulges in writing, writing music, dancing, gardening, outdoor adventures, travel, environmental activism, stargazing, and her “tribe.”

How has Ayurveda changed your life?

By training me to notice the effects of my lifestyle choices, Ayurveda has forged new pathways of self-awareness. I think I’m significantly easier to be around because of Ayurveda!

Which Banyan products are you currently using and why?

Triphala is a staple for me, to keep my digestion functioning optimally. Though I’m predominantly pitta, it’s vata that goes most easily out of balance for me, especially with the work I do. So Tranquil Mind helps me remain grounded and steady. And having dealt with adrenal issues a while back, I now take Ashwagandha for adaptogenic support. (Even though there’s Ashwagandha in the Tranquil Mind formula, I find that supplementing with a little bit extra helps.)

When are you most likely to go out of balance and how do you bring yourself back in balance using Ayurveda?

I’m most likely to go out of balance under deadline when I start pushing my mind and my body to deliver. During these times I might have to shorten my yoga practice and my meditation practice, but I try my best to get them in daily because their effects are tangible. I stay away from stimulants (including sugar,) go for walks whenever I can, do short rounds of nadi shodhana, and sometimes just stand with my bare feet in the grass for the grounding it gives me.

Favorite place in the world?

High mountain lakes, preferably somewhere above 10,000 feet.

Favorite quote?

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” —John Muir

Who inspires you?

Activists who maintain their sense of compassion for those against whom they protest. People who chain themselves to trees to prevent clearcuts and also spend time to get to know the loggers and have conversations. Dr. Denis Mukwege, for founding the Panzi Hospital which treats women who were injured in violent atrocities in the Congo, and Eve Ensler for helping tell that story in the West, while maintaining compassion in their hearts.

How do you make a difference in your community/world?

Telling stories about “the more beautiful world we know is possible” is my form of activism.