Janet Shivani Chase, AP, LMT

Janet Shivani Chase, AP, LMT

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Educator, Author

Pitta Vata
Constitution: Pitta-Vata

Janet Shivani Chase is passionate about sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga with others. She will be forever grateful to her teachers, especially Dr. Vasant Lad. The founder of Balanced Life Ayurveda, Shivani guides clients in their own unique path to health through education, consultations, and treatments. She currently lives in the Ozark Mountains with her husband Steven.

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Articles by Janet Shivani Chase, AP, LMT
  • The Ayurvedic Way to Cultivate Self-Love
    • Emotional Wellness
    • January 12, 2022
    The Ayurvedic Way to Cultivate Self-Love

    We are all beautiful and unique. Ayurveda helps us balance both our body and mind and helps open the doorway to self-realization so we can step into greater self-love.  

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  • Ayurvedic Tonics, Masks & Scrubs for Nourishing Your Skin
    • Natural Beauty
    • July 21, 2020
    Ayurvedic Tonics, Masks & Scrubs for Nourishing Your Skin

    Ayurveda provides us with a simple adage, “If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.” This is important to remember when choosing skin care products.

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  • Bacopa: An Ayurvedic Brain Food
    • Ayurvedic Herbalism
    • August 27, 2019
    Bacopa: An Ayurvedic Brain Food

    Bacopa (Bacopa monnieri) is a wonderful rejuvenative for the brain. It has long been a favorite of students as it enhances learning, concentration, and memory.

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  • Why Ayurveda Prefers Oil over Lotion
    • Natural Beauty
    • July 26, 2019
    Why Ayurveda Prefers Oil over Lotion

    Oil is a close match to the skin’s outer layer and complements our natural oiliness. It helps draw out impurities and balances our skin’s hydration—even overly oily skin can come back to balance by using oil. The result? Beautiful, balanced, hydrated skin.

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  • Should I Do a Liver Cleanse?
    • Health and Wellness
    • June 10, 2019
    Should I Do a Liver Cleanse?

    There are many types of liver cleanses and liver flushes promoted today. Would you benefit from doing a liver cleanse? As with anything in Ayurveda, it depends. As we are all unique, with specific health circumstances and constitutions, we need to look at our own situation before deciding.

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  • The Bliss of Chocolate
    • Food and Cooking
    • February 11, 2019
    The Bliss of Chocolate

    In its pure form, raw cacao comes with amazing health benefits. Here's the Ayurvedic perspective on raw cacao, plus a bonus recipe to make your own special chocolate.

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  • Nourishing Curried Lentil Soup
    • Ayurvedic Recipes
    • October 09, 2018
    Nourishing Curried Lentil Soup

    Red lentils (masoor dal) are packed with protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Harness these benefits with this easy, tasty curried lentil soup recipe. 

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  • Balancing Vata with a Fall Cleanse
    • September 20, 2018
    Balancing Vata with a Fall Cleanse

    The change in seasons has an especially strong impact on us, making it easier for imbalance to take root. As fall naturally stirs up vata, it is a perfect time for many of us to do a vata-soothing cleanse.  

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  • How to Fast the Ayurvedic Way
    • Health and Wellness
    • May 25, 2018
    How to Fast the Ayurvedic Way

    Welcome to the Ayurvedic approach to fasting—rather than creating a sense of denial or deprivation, it offers a much needed rest from the constant barrage of foods and experiences. 

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Experience and Education

Shivani feels fortunate to have studied with Dr. Vasant Lad and other gifted teachers at the Ayurvedic Institute, initiating her journey of working as a practitioner and educator.

Along with treatments and consultations, Shivani loves offering workshops and lectures on yoga and Ayurveda and also writes for her own blog and other publications. She has also worked as a schoolteacher, and believes that Ayurveda informed that work as much as teaching has informed her Ayurvedic practice.

Shivani loves to delve deep into understanding why things are the way they are and how to make changes to move life along with more ease. She continues to study inspiring topics that deepen her understanding of life and how to help others on their own path. Her clients and students are her most valued teachers.

Degrees and Certifications

  • Ayurvedic Studies Program 1 and 2, Ayurvedic Institute
  • Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner for 25 years
  • Yoga and Meditation Instructor for over 40 year
  • Licensed Professional Educator
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified in Reiki and Spiritual Counseling
  • Extensive study at Figueira, a healing center in Brazil
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts

Shivani's Point of View

How were you introduced to Ayurveda?

In 1990, my two-year-old daughter had a painful condition that no Western doctor could identify or help her with. I was led to an Ayurvedic practitioner and within a couple of weeks after making changes to her diet and using herbal formulas, her issue was resolved. How could I not love this?

When are you most likely to go out of balance and how do you bring yourself back in balance using Ayurveda?

Oh my, vata for sure! I have a genetic condition that means if I do too much, anxiousness quickly rears its ugly head. As soon as I realize vata is out of balance, I focus more on my mindful breathing which helps a great deal. Abhyanga is a blessing and I love my ginger tea. It also helps that my husband lovingly tells me vata is high.

What does the future of Ayurveda look like to you?

I hope it becomes a household practice and it will be easy to find an Ayurvedic doctor or practitioner to visit. I love that modern science is daily proving the wisdom of Ayurveda and the healing paradigm is shifting towards discovering the root cause of suffering.

What's one Ayurvedic practice anyone can implement to spur change in their life, right here, right now?

Meditation and practicing mindfulness. Start by following your breath. In and out. In and out. You need to be calm and centered for healing to occur and to stay healthy.