Ayurveda Pitta Pacifying Yoga: Locust Prep | Banyan Botanicals

Locust (Salabhasana)

A Pitta Pacifying Yoga Pose

Locust PrepLocust Prep 2

Lie on your belly, forehead to the floor and arms resting on the ground over head. Separate the legs about hip distance and then internally rotate the legs to that the big toes come to touch. Take a deep breath in and on the exhalation lift out of the lower body as the torso rises off the ground and the arms sweep out to the sides, palms facing the floor. Take a few breathes and then return to the ground. Rest for a breath or two and when you are ready, bring the arms out to the sides, making a T with the body. On an exhalation lift the legs off the floor. Take a few breaths and lower on an exhalation. Repeat the pattern several times.

Pitta Focus:

Gaze is at or below the horizon and the chin is slightly tilted downwards to avoid shortening the back of the neck. Work at 80% effort.


Strengthens the abdominal muscles, spine, buttocks, and thighs. Stimulates digestion.