Focus on Balancing Kapha

Based on your results, we recommend that you focus on balancing kapha through lifestyle practices, dietary choices, and herbal support.


Lifestyle Recommendations

Kapha can be excessively heavy, dull, and stable, and can cause a great deal of inertia in the system, so adapting your lifestyle to balance these tendencies can be truly transformative. Favor experiences that are mentally and physically heating, stimulating, mobilizing, and adequately challenging. Here are a few ideas:

Prioritize Exercise in order to shake kapha's excess heaviness, clear the mind, and reinvigorate the physiology. Choose activities that are both fun and challenging for you; just fifteen to thirty minutes of daily exercise can be life-changing.

Embrace Spontaneity by showing a willingness to follow your inspiration and break the monotony of a typical day. Make time for lightness, fun, and adventure; even better, do so with friends or loved ones who can hold you accountable to this intention.

Follow a Kapha-Pacifying Daily Routine with choices like waking up early, performing a nasal rinse, giving yourself a dry powder massage at least once a week, and practicing kapha-pacifying yoga.


Kapha Pacifying Diet

Diet Recommendations

Favor a diet of freshly cooked, whole foods that are light, dry, warming, well-spiced, and relatively easy to digest—ideally served warm or hot. These foods calm kapha by balancing mucus production, regulating moisture levels, maintaining adequate heat, and by supporting proper digestion and elimination. Kapha thrives on a fairly minimalistic diet with smaller meals, little to no snacking, fewer sweets, an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, a variety of legumes, little to no alcohol, and lighter fare all around. Here are some additional tips:

Favor Kapha-Pacifying Tastes. To balance kapha, choose foods that are:

  • Pungent (think spicy foods like chilies, radishes, raw garlic, raw onion, and especially heating spices)
  • Bitter (think bitter greens like kale, dandelion, or collards, and spices like cumin and turmeric)
  • Astringent (think legumes, vegetables, apples, cranberries, green bananas, and pomegranates)

Reduce Kapha-Aggravating Tastes. To further pacify kapha, moderate foods that are:

  • Sweet (think sugary sweets, but also grains, fruits, squashes, root vegetables, and dairy products)
  • Sour (think vinegar, pineapples, grapefruits, and alcohol)
  • Salty (think salt)


Kapha Balancing Products

Herbal Recommendations

Kapha Balancing Bundle:


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