Kapha-Pacifying Yoga


As a sister science of Ayurveda, Yoga is an excellent exercise and spiritual practice to incorporate in your daily routine for balancing your individual constitution. Although many yoga poses or asanas are beneficial to each of the doshas, the greatest benefit for balancing your dosha comes from your approach and the way you practice the pose.

Kapha Yoga Tip Sheet

A yoga practice for a kapha individual should be one creating space, stimulation, warmth, and buoyancy. Kaphas can cultivate this by following some basic guidelines:

  • Practice at a vigorous pace and intensity.
  • Focus on the subtlety of the pose and how it creates an expansive presence in the body and energy field.
  • Practice in a warm space.
  • Use a strong forceful breath during practice.
  • When you are ready to release the pose, take one more breath.
  • Keep your chest open and lifted, your shoulders dropped and rolled back as you practice.
  • Have a sharp upward gaze.
  • Feel a sense of lightness in your poses.
  • Pause for a moment between your inhalations and exhalations.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Keep moving. Have short resting periods between poses.
  • Enjoy a restorative pose for final relaxation.
  • Be precise in your poses.
  • Pay close attention to your alignment.
  • Dont give up!

The poses shown below are kapha-pacifying poses that can be done individually or as a sequence.



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