Breath of Joy

A Kapha-Pacifying Yoga Pose

breath of joy

breath of joy

breath of joy

Breath of Joy is a rapid and warming breathing practice that coordinates the movement of the arms, legs, and upper body with the breath. Stand with your feet a little wider than hip width. Toes are turned slightly in. Bend and straighten the knees as you inhale through the nose and simultaneously cross and swing your arms overhead. Bend and straighten the legs again as you exhale through the nose to swing your arms back down and then inhale to swing the arms (without crossing) back overhead, legs bending and straightening. Exhale to swing the arms down and slightly behind you as you release your upper body over the legs. Inhale to rise up and repeat the pattern.

Kapha Focus:

Dynamic movement and strong breath creates heat and stimulates circulation.


It is uplifting, energizing, and cleansing.


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