Savasana with Support (Savasana Variation)

A Kapha-Pacifying Yoga Pose

savasana corpse pose with support

savasana corpse pose with support

Sit with your legs extended out in front of you. Place a bolster, pillow, or multiple blankets against your sacrum. On an exhalation, slowly lower your upper body back over the support. You should feel a gentle opening through the front body and your neck should feel long. Rest the arms on the ground slightly away from your body with the palms facing up. Experiment with placing a folded blanket under your head. Relax your body, close your eyes, and observe your breath. Notice your breath becoming slower and softer. Let your thoughts and worries exit on every exhalation, and begin to enjoy the silence and stillness of your mind. Allow yourself to go into a state of pure relaxation while maintaining consciousness.

Kapha Focus:

Enjoy a relatively short length of time (5–10 minutes) in Savasana. Pay particular attention to the subtle changes and sensations in your body, mind, and breath.


Complete relaxation. Releases physical and mental tension, improves immunity, and allows your body to integrate your yoga practice.

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