Nourish and Strengthen with Healthy Hair!

We all stress about our hair from time to time—whether it is due to natural cycles of hair loss or the greying of our hair before we are ready for it. Our hair is a sign of beauty and how we style it is often a marker of our personality and individuality.

Ayurveda believes that our hair can tell us quite a bit about dosha imbalances. The classical texts of Ayurveda teach that early graying and hair loss or balding are signs of pitta (in our innate constitution or as an imbalance—to learn more take our dosha quiz).

In addition to working on any imbalances that we may have, Ayurveda has given us insight into herbs and therapies that can give more direct results.

Take, for instance, bhringaraj (Eclipta alba). This herb is known as the “king of the hair!”1 Not only does bhringaraj pacify pitta in the body (including the liver, the skin, and the nerves), but it has a particular affinity to the hair roots, where excess pitta can cause a “burning” of hair follicles. 1

In fact, there have been a few animal studies where they looked at hair growth in mice after rubbing extracts of bhringaraj on the skin and found that doing so showed increased hair growth. 2 In addition to helping maintain healthy hair growth, it is also well-known for maintaining hair's color and luster.

Healthy Hair Ingredients

Bhringaraj is the key ingredient in Banyan Botanicals' Healthy Hair tablets. In addition to bhringaraj, Healthy Hair also contains amalaki, a well-rounded herb known for soothing pitta in the digestive tract and throughout the body. In doing so, it also helps promote healthy hair and many Ayurvedic hair oils contain amalaki for that very reason.

Gotu kola, another herb in this formula, is a great addition for its pitta-soothing effects on the nerves and mind. It is often said that a “hot temper” or a heated mind is the root of heat at the hair follicles. Hibiscus flower rounds out the formula with nice soothing and strengthening qualities.

There is a concept in Ayurveda that you get synergistic effects by using both internal and external therapies. To that end, consider using Healthy Hair Oil with a relaxing and rejuvenating scalp massage. The oil has similar herbs as the tablet, and it brings a more local and direct action along with the many benefits of massage.



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