Soothe and Strengthen with Plant-Powered Muscle Balm

Soothe and Strengthen with Plant-Powered Muscle Balm

Our muscles work hard all day to support our body as we set out to accomplish our dreams and goals. Sometimes we overwork them to the point of exhaustion, and the most we do to thank them is perhaps a quick rub. But they deserve more! Not only do muscles support our being physically, but they serve an energetic role of support on a deeper emotional and mental level. Healthy muscles give us a sense of being strong, supported, and uplifted—like something always has our back—and that we can accomplish anything if we set our mind to it.

When we work our muscles to the point of exhaustion, they need nourishment to relax and release before beginning to rebuild. For this reason, we have developed a Muscle Balm that isn't just a balm with some strong essential oils like menthol and camphor. We have taken the time to infuse herbs that are core to muscle rejuvenation and relaxation, as well as Epsom salt, so your muscles experience a deeper sense of nourishment.

The goal is to first relax the muscles and then whisk away the natural toxins that accumulate with hard work. We also want to make sure the muscles rejuvenate to their prime. Epsom salt is a key ingredient to not only relax the muscles, but also to encourage healthy blood flow to the area so that new nutrients can be integrated into the tissues while toxins are swept away. The warmth from ginger also supports the Epsom salt with this task. Gokshura and punarnava help maintain lymph and blood flow so that the toxins keep moving out of the tissues. Meanwhile, manjistha and guduchi continue the cleansing process both locally and systemically. Muscles need to ground after the high vata activities of exercise and workouts, which is where calamus comes in to support at the level of the nervous system. Ashwagandha is a prime herb for muscle rejuvenation and its work is further supported with herbs strengthening herbs like arjuna.


woman putting muscle balm on her leg


While these herbs do what they do best, a combination of camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, and wintergreen essential oils bring a soothing, yet relieving, sensation to the tissues. The balm is in a base of sesame and sunflower oils, which glides easily across the skin and allows the herbs to be quickly absorbed into the tissues.

The end result is an ally that will leave your muscles feeling immediately relaxed and in a renewed and healthy state the following morning! Use this product on your neck and shoulders, on the back, or on overworked muscles in the arms and legs. Keep it close at hand—in your gym bag, in the car, or next to your bed—you never know when your muscles will be asking for a soothing Muscle Balm massage!