Hydrate and Replenish with Beauty Balm

Hydrate and Replenish with Beauty Balm

This product has created quite the buzz because of its effectiveness and versatility! People rave about Beauty Balm for everything from under-eye care to nourishing that tightly stretched skin around the pregnant belly. It works because Ayurveda works! When designing Beauty Balm, we stuck to basic Ayurveda principles, ending with a product that nourishes you inside-out with completely natural ingredients.

Ayurveda and Beauty

No doubt, the definition of beauty has changed quite a bit over history. But there are some qualities that have stood the test of time—softness, freshness and hydration, brightness, radiance, and an even tone are a few. If these qualities are cultivated in a person not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well, you will find someone that most people would describe as beautiful.

Ayurveda does not see inner and outer beauty as separate or distinct. They feed off each other. That is because of the one dosha that instills most of the qualities of beauty—kapha. Kapha is soft, smooth, hydrated, compassionate, loving, even, and steady, as it is made of water and earth. To the physical exterior, kapha gives voluptuousness, large and beautiful eyes, smooth and supple skin, glow, well-hydrated tissues, even and strong tone, and thick and robust hair. Nurture kapha and you will likely start to see these qualities in yourself.


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The Wisdom Behind Beauty Balm

The skin loves moisture and nourishment, and ghee is a go-to for skin health and timeless beauty because of the rejuvenation it provides. Ghee also whisks away excess heat (pitta) to reveal an even, smooth complexion that provides a natural glow. The base of Beauty Balm is a blend of organic coconut oil, olive oil, and our high quality ghee, which is produced from grass-fed, pasture raised cows. The combination of these three natural moisturizers produces a silky, hydrating treat for your skin.

The base of organic oils has been infused with herbs that provide rejuvenation, strength, and nourishment to the skin tissues. Shatavari, ashwagandha, and vidari kanda are the prime building herbs. They have a strong sweet taste and an unctuous quality, supporting their work to tone skin. These herbs not only moisturize, but they also support the skin's natural healing processes, allowing the skin to constantly put forth its best and regenerate normally.

Added to the herbal mixture are fennel and licorice. These two herbs support the skin in gently whisking away natural toxins and keeping them from accumulating in the skin.

The balm is topped off with the essential oil of rose geranium, a scent that is sweet and rich, encouraging an inner sense of beauty, enrichment, and self-reflection. It helps to gently remind one that true beauty originates from within and encourages one to find that beauty.

The Many Uses of Beauty Balm

Because Beauty Balm works at a basic, doshic level, the benefits are received in many ways. This balm is often used as a skin cream, moisturizing over worked and dry hands, dry elbows, and dry knees, and as an eye cream, uplifting the tone of the delicate skin around the eyes. Keep this all-in-one beauty product close at hand to use as a lip balm or nail and cuticle cream. End the day with Beauty Balm by massaging your feet and heels, which will soothe the often dry and cracked skin. Pregnant women can enjoy the ritual of nourishing the skin that is enveloping their growing child with a Beauty Balm belly rub. Play with it and discover even more uses for this amazing and nourishing balm!