The Healthiest Way to Transition from Summer to Fall

The Healthiest Way to Transition from Summer to Fall

September is a month of transition, hanging as it does between summer and fall. The abundant harvest of late summer and early fall invites us to enjoy local, seasonal produce just as people did in the time the Ayurvedic texts were written.

The first frost comes as a shock after the warmth of summer. As the weather cools, begin to shift from astringent foods such as salads to warmer soups, dals, and kitcheris. A gradual change will be easier on your system. From summer cooling drinks, reintroduce Tulsi tea to help calm vata during the change of season.

To cleanse out old pitta accumulated during the summer, enjoy plenty of bitter greens. Consider taking Liver Formula daily during September—it will help support the cleansing of old pitta from the blood and liver. To cleanse pitta gently from the small intestines, take Amalaki or Triphala each night before bed.

fall apples

Change is stressful to vata, especially the onset of fall, the vata season. If you have the opportunity to do panchakarma during fall, it is an optimal time, especially for those who suffer from vata-related issues such as constipation, joint issues and discomfort, and nervous system imbalances. If you can't set aside the time for your panchakarma cleanse this fall, at least make sure you do some self-abhyanga (oil massage) with Vata Massage Oil each weekend. This practice will be particularly useful during the change of season. You can use Mahanarayana Oil on areas of you body where aches and discomfort are starting to show up. Follow your massage with a ginger bath using a third of a cup of dry ginger powder and a third of a cup of baking soda in the tub.

By making a gradual adjustment of diet and lifestyle from summer to fall and enjoying some self-abhyanga, you can make a healthy transition between seasons and prevent problems that may arise as we get further into fall.

"The intelligent person, remembering the pain of diseases, should take food which is suitable to him, and according to the proper quantity and timing."

— Charaka

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