Gear Up for the Winter with Our New Bronchial Support Herbal Syrup!

Gear Up for the Winter with Our New Bronchial Support Herbal Syrup!

There are the rare few who can go through winter without any struggles with their respiratory system, besides the occasional sinus blockage and lung and bronchi discomfort. Luckily, for the rest of us who do experience these from time to time, nature has blessed us with many herbs and solutions for support so that we can breathe easier without disturbances.

We all know that easy breathing without disturbances in the bronchi helps support smoother day-to-day functioning and restful sleep. Ayurveda recognizes the importance of this, and the classical texts of Ayurveda teach us that we need both calm vata (minimizing the cold and mobile qualities that causes constriction, upward movement of breath, and muscle contractions) and balanced kapha (for healthy amounts of mucus in the lungs and sinuses) for smooth lung movement and function.

Bronchial Support Herbal Syrup is formulated to balance these two doshas with herbs that have a specific affinity to the respiratory tract. The main ingredient, vasaka, has been used for hundreds of years for comfortable functioning of the muscles in the respiratory tract. Vasaka is combined with tulsi, pippali, and other traditional lung rejuvenatives, making this syrup a powerful immune boosting formulation for the winter months, or for those times your lungs could use a little extra help.

Add this to your medicine cabinet for support during this winter season! It is an alcohol-free syrup with organic honey (quite soothing to the lung tissue) and flavored with the tasty natural juices of raspberry. It is all-natural and everyone (including both children over two and adults) can enjoy the benefits of this syrup!

Additionally, make sure you are supporting your respiratory tract with the right diet and lifestyle tips:

  • Avoid a high kapha diet (dairy in particular). If you are going to consume dairy, warm it up and add warming spices (cardamom, clove, turmeric, ginger) to help with digestion and avoid any dairy after sunset.
  • Clear kapha from the sinuses with daily Nasya Oil, rinsing with the nasal rinse cup, and steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil.
  • Support your immune system with Immune Support, proper sleep and rest, reducing stress loads, and taking care of your digestive fire (agni).
  • Support your agni! Consider daily Kapha Digest.
  • Support healthy kapha levels with Healthy Kapha, exercise, eating just three meals a day, and not over eating.