Taking Liquid Extracts

A Quick Start Guide

Liquid Extracts


Liquid extracts can offer incredible support, but if you are new to taking them, getting started can feel a bit intimidating, so we hope to address any questions you may have here.

The Benefits of Liquid Extracts

Our liquid extracts are made from the same certified organic whole herbs that we offer in bulk. We then extract their chemical components with a mixture of non-GMO, gluten-free grain alcohol or glycerin and water, preserving the natural tastes, aromas, and biological capacities of the herbs.

Liquid extracts do not have to be broken down by your digestive system. Instead, the plant's active constituents are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, offering a more immediate effect. This can be particularly helpful if you have slow or weak digestion. Liquid extracts can also be quite useful in offering fast-acting or on-the-go support, and our one-ounce dropper bottles are extremely convenient to carry with you anywhere.

Liquid extracts in an alcohol or glycerin base are also extremely stable, which helps to extend the shelf life and potency of the herbs for approximately five years.

The Bottom Line

All too often, liquid extracts end up sitting on a shelf, forgotten. But in order to benefit from them, the most important thing is to actually take them consistently. Banyan's liquid extracts are generally safe and benign, so please make doing so your first priority.

Embrace Your Relationship with Your Herbs

Taking herbs is a fundamentally different process than taking pharmaceuticals because our bodies are developing a synergistic relationship with the intelligence and life-force energy of the herbs themselves. As we ingest a liquid extract, the subtle characteristics of the herbs are delivered to our tissues, where they serve to activate our own bodily intelligence. What's more, this relationship tends to deepen over time.


Taking 7-Herb Energy liquid extract

Take Only One Liquid Extract per Condition

We strongly recommend against taking two or more different liquid extracts for the same condition. If you intend to take more than one, each of them should have a distinct purpose. Know what each one is for, and establish a way to track your progress with each condition independently. That said, it is quite appropriate to use a liquid extract as a supplemental or on-the-go support for another formula that you are already taking (i.e., maybe you take Immune Strong tablets regularly, but occasionally prefer the convenience of Immune Strong liquid extract). In this case, just make sure you have a clear intention that is being supported by the combination.

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Maximize the Benefits You Receive

For each liquid extract that you plan to take, we recommend that you:

  1. Set an Intention. Clarify why you are taking it and how you hope it will help you. Do your best to articulate the specific changes you hope to see. For example, one might take Ashwagandha liquid extract with the intention of improving or steadying energy levels throughout the day.
  2. Establish a Reference Point. Make note of where you are starting your journey—ideally, in a way that directly relates to your intention. For the above intention, one might note having a lot of energy in the morning, a noticeable lull starting around 2 p.m., and feeling exhausted by dinnertime most evenings.
  3. Make a Plan. Decide how much liquid extract you'll take and when. If a practitioner prescribed an herbal protocol, follow their instructions. If not, dilute one dropper full (about thirty drops) in 1–2 ounces of water or juice and drink. We recommend starting with one serving per day and gradually increasing to your desired frequency over the first one to three weeks. If you forget to take your liquid extract, just take it as soon as you remember.
  4. Design an Accountability System. Establish a way to maintain your new habits. Enlist the support of an accountability partner, set reminders on your phone or calendar, use the Daily Routine Check In, or create any system that will work for you.
  5. Track Your Progress. Quantify and document your experience over time. Consider keeping a journal, using an app, or creating a rating scale to regularly record how you're progressing toward your intention. Tracking your progress is the best way to assess whether a liquid extract is actually serving you.

When to Expect Results

Each of us is unique, so there is no universally applicable results timeline. Many people report subtle shifts within a few days of taking a new liquid extract consistently. More obvious results can take four to six weeks.

Remember, the benefits of any herbal regimen tend to increase in depth and intensity with time. Generally speaking, the more chronic or serious an imbalance, the longer you should allow before expecting to see tangible improvements.

Settling in for the Long Term

We encourage you to experiment with taking your liquid extracts at different times of day, and also more or less frequently. If you're not seeing as much progress as you would like, try adding another serving or two each day. You can also consider adding a carrier substance to enhance and deepen the work of your liquid extracts. Banyan's ninety-day guarantee is intended to support you in exploring whether a particular product is a good fit for you. Sometimes, a certain formula simply won't have the desired synergy with your body, in which case, it is often appropriate to try something else.


Triphala liquid extract

When to Stop

In general, we recommend that you take your liquid extracts for as long as they are benefitting you. Some formulas, like Triphala liquid extract, might easily be taken daily for years. Three to six months at a time may feel more appropriate for others, whereas especially chronic conditions may require a significantly longer timeframe. It all depends on your intention, and on what feels best to you and your body.

Essential Takeaways

At the end of the day, there are two key takeaways that we'd like to reiterate. First, just take your liquid extracts—whenever, however you can (or as soon as you realize you forgot). Second, listen to your body because you know you best. If you have room for one final invitation, embrace the herbal allies you are befriending in your liquid extracts. Visualize the support you want from them and cultivate gratitude for the gifts that they are offering you.

For a more in-depth guide to taking herbs, please see our resource on How to Take Herbal Tablets, almost all of which is applicable to liquid extracts as well. We truly hope that your liquid extracts benefit you, and we are here to support you if further questions arise.


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