4 Reasons to Love Kapha Dosha

4 Reasons to Love Kapha Dosha

For most of us in the northern hemisphere, it is cold and wet this time of year. Ayurveda considers this the kapha season.

I’m here to tell you why balanced kapha is so beautiful and why we would do well to embrace the kapha within us, especially this time of year! (Not sure how much kapha you naturally have? Check out the Ayurvedic Profile™ quiz.)

Unfortunately, kapha has gotten a bad rap. For some reason, we fixate on the “negative” and imbalanced attributes of kapha, so when people hear that they may be more kapha-predominant or that their kapha has increased, they tend to get upset or offended.

While there are truly no negative aspects of the doshas—just qualities out of balance—some of these aspects of kapha dosha might include feelings of heaviness, lethargy, and a lack of motivation. Physically, these kapha attributes may show up as congestion, weight gain, and a sluggish digestion. For many of us, these feelings go hand in hand with the cold, gray kapha season.

But without kapha dosha we would lack vital aspects of our well-being. We would lack substance and structure. We would lack softness and sweetness and solid presence.

Balanced kapha is so important—for our bodies, our relationships, and for the world.


Mahima, a kapha friend of Banyan, leaning against a tree.

Balanced Kapha Can Teach Us So Many Lessons

1. Kapha Is Loving and Compassionate

Kapha folks just might be semi-famous for their big, welcoming hugs, so grounding for vata and softening for pitta. We adore those hugs! Kapha is the teddy bear who loves everyone and wants to spread that love to everyone they meet. There’s not a stranger in kapha’s eye. They’ll open their homes to anyone.

Kapha brings this out in all of us. Where can we be more loving and compassionate and accepting of others?

2. Kapha Is Loyal

In the body, kapha is responsible for the cohesiveness, structure, and lubrication of the tissues. You might think of kapha’s sturdy presence as a form of loyalty to our other body systems. Without its structure, we would float away.

In the realm of relationship, there is no one as loyal as kapha. Just as our bones and muscle tissue hold our bodies together, kapha is the true friend that will hold on and never let us down.

Where can we hold on more in our life? Where can we offer a solid, sturdy presence and support?

3. Kapha Is Disciplined

Kapha dosha is a combination of water and earth elements. You might think of the steadiness of a river—the way the earth holds and gives shape to the water and the way the water nourishes and slowly shapes the earth.

Once you get a kapha on a good routine, like the river, the endurance of kapha will never stop. Kapha is steadfast in all endeavors.

Are there any areas in your life where you can be more disciplined?

4. Kapha Is Forgiving

Another kapha role in the body is lubrication and protection. It is the cerebral spinal fluid that insulates the brain, the synovial fluid that cushions the joints, and the mucous that protects the stomach and intestinal lining.

These qualities are ultimately forgiving of the vata (drying) and pitta (heating) forces in our bodies. On the outside, kapha’s love can outshine any hurts, and it really shows.

Are you holding on to grudges that you can release? Where in your life can you bring that kapha forgiveness?


Kapha Banyan friend Kiyomi out for a walk by the sea.

Bringing Out Balanced Kapha Dosha

Perhaps you are ready to welcome in these beautiful kapha qualities, but you find you need help balancing some excess kapha. When we think of balancing kapha dosha, there are a few qualities that we want to embrace.

Because kapha out of balance can feel especially heavy, slow, and stuck, we would do well to incorporate some lightness in our lives. This can take the form of stimulating activities and exercise, eating a lighter, warming diet, and keeping our bodies and environments warm and dry.

Of course, there are also herbs to bring warmth and stimulation from the inside out. The Kapha Balancing Bundle has everything kapha dosha needs at this time of year or any time you feel your kapha may be out of balance. Here’s a peek at what these products offer:  

  • Healthy Kapha brings the astringent and drying qualities of bhibitaki, chitrak, tulsi, and turmeric, balancing out any excess heaviness and dampness.
  • Kapha Digest stimulates the appetite and digestive process with ginger, pippali, and black pepper, supporting sluggish kapha digestion.
  • Triphala supports healthy elimination and gentle detoxification.
  • Kapha Massage Oil harnesses the power of drying, warming, and lightening herbs, increasing circulation and promoting the healthy movement of lymph.

Embrace Your Balanced Kapha!

Kapha Banyan friend Aliesh joyfully practicing yoga near the beach.

To me, kapha is the absolute expression of love. Kapha speaks from the heart and connects to others from an emotional perspective. The sweetness of kapha is something that teaches and benefits everyone. The softness of kapha is the perfect balance to the pitta drive of the world, while the steadfastness of kapha is the perfect grounding our fast-paced, whirlwind, vata-driven lives need.

We all need kapha to slow us down, make us stop, and love everything and everyone for what it is. As I like to say, “What the world needs now, is kapha, sweet kapha.” Without kapha, the natural kindness that exudes from our hearts would be forgotten.

Embrace your kapha. Embrace the love!