Get Back into Gear with Mental Clarity

Get Back into Gear with Mental Clarity

As summer winds down, we all begin to gear up for hard work in the months to come. Whether it is school, work, or a new project, sometimes it helps to have a little extra support for that amazing organ in our head—the brain.

Mental Clarity contains Ayurveda's primary herbal foods for the brain, all in one tablet. These herbs are tonics for the brain, supporting its major functions of memory and recall, focus and attention, and clarity and decisiveness. This herbal blend does so without excess stimulation from caffeine or other stimulants. Rather, it works its magic by supporting the brain and its natural functions and physiology.

Take the herb Brahmi/Gotu Kola, for example. This herb has a special affinity for the brain and many even describe its shape as resembling the cerebellum. It has a very sattvic (pure, harmonious) energy that innately enhances clarity and awareness. It was common for deep meditators to eat this herb to support their practices. Bacopa, shankhapushpi, and bhringaraj have similar actions on the mind. Collectively, they support mental faculties, while also nourishing the actual tissue and whisking away natural toxins.

Coupled with these herbs are grounding herbs like ashwagandha, skullcap, and passionflower. It is necessary to be centered and grounded for the mind to gain clarity and not be distracted by thoughts or events that do not contribute to the task at hand. This is a central feature of the mental faculty of discrimination—the ability to determine what is helpful and what is not or what is true and what is not. Vidari, another herb in the formula, is both grounding and nutritive at the same time.

Consider taking this blend to jump start your day, before a test or an intense mental task, or perhaps you could use it when your mind begins to feel very foggy after strenuous work. Using this product for a longer period of time (say a couple of weeks) will allow the herbs to access the deep tissues of the brain and nervous system.