Cozy Up with Two New Brews: Masala Chai and Bitter & Bold

Cozy Up with Two New Brews: Masala Chai and Bitter & Bold

The brisk breezes and chilly kisses of autumn are swirling in the air, ushering us towards the colder, darker months of the year. This season presents an opportunity to slow down and turn our focus inward; to savor the simple, quiet moments of everyday beauty. 

In honor of our favorite fall ritual—curling up with a delicious warm beverage—we are thrilled to introduce two new cozy drink mixes to nourish and uplift your autumn days—Masala Chai and Bitter & Bold.

These two delicious blends were crafted with a bow towards Ayurvedic tradition and an innovative use of herbal ingredients. 

Bitter & Bold, our signature caffeine-free herbal coffee, is perfect for anyone eager to cut down on caffeine without sacrificing the pleasure that their daily cup of coffee provides. And for those who appreciate the benefits of some caffeine, Masala Chai ensures just the right amount of pep in your step. 

Both beverages were designed to provide natural energy and gentle digestive support while satisfying the taste buds and encouraging moments of tranquility and calm. We hope you enjoy!


pouring milk into cup of bitter and bold

Bitter & Bold Herbal Coffee

Bitter & Bold is our version of an herbal coffee alternative, intended to bring you all the nourishment and satisfaction of a daily ritual without the jittery buzz of caffeine. 

This roasty blend of roots and seeds is naturally caffeine-free, yet rich and robust in flavor with just the right amount of bitterness. 

Rather than taxing the adrenals and nervous system in the way that coffee can, it promotes natural, grounded, and sustainable energy while supporting a healthy gut microbiome and overall vitality.

What's in It?

Bitter & Bold is crafted with carefully selected ingredients that nourish the body and nurture the soul. It can be added to your coffee for extra support throughout the day, or enjoyed on its own for a completely caffeine-free experience. Its star botanical players include:

Chicory: Chicory is a natural source of inulin, a beneficial prebiotic that supports a healthy gut microbiome. It is a favorite ingredient among coffee alternatives, thanks to its rich earthy flavor.

Dandelion: This natural tonic herb is known for supporting healthy liver and kidney function as well as healthy, balanced digestion. It adds a dark color and a rich and bitter taste to the blend. 

Milk Thistle: A common unassuming weed, milk thistle is a nutritive adaptogenic herb traditionally used to support healthy liver function. It adds a mild, earthy sweetness to the mix.

How to Make It

Bitter & Bold can be prepared in a variety of ways. Follow the directions outlined below or feel free to experiment with your own creations to find the brew that's right for you. 

Due to the unique qualities of the herbs in this blend, some of the mix may settle to the bottom of your cup rather than fully dissolve. Simply swirl your mug and sip to receive the full prebiotic benefit.

For a Basic Brew: Add one tablespoon of Bitter & Bold to 6–8 ounces hot water and mix well. Add milk or cream and a sweetener of your choice if desired. We recommend Turmeric Honey

For a Creamy Cup: Pour six ounces of hot water over one tablespoon Bitter & Bold. Add two ounces of milk or cream and your favorite sweetener. Increase the creaminess—and energizing effects—by adding one teaspoon of ghee and blending well.

For an Iced Blend: Combine 6 ounces of water with one tablespoon Bitter & Bold. Pour over ice and top with two ounces of milk or cream. Add your favorite sweetener and stir well. 

In a French Press: Slowly pour 8 ounces of hot water over one tablespoon Bitter & Bold. Let it sit for 3–5 minutes, then filter. Add milk or cream and sweetener to taste.


pouring milk into cup of masala chai

Masala Chai

Inspired by the endless variations of tea served throughout India, our moderately caffeinated Masala Chai combines Assam black tea and flavorful fair trade spices in a warming, invigorating, and richly satisfying blend. 

We've added a mix of nourishing adaptogenic herbs to counterbalance the caffeine and support an experience of clear, stable energy. 

If you're someone who appreciates the boost that caffeine provides but want something less stimulating than coffee, this chai was created for you. Enjoyed as a morning ritual or a mid-day treat, it will awaken your senses and elevate your day.

What's in It?

Featuring a unique blend of authentic Indian spices and grounding adaptogens, Masala Chai offers a beneficial harmony of flavor along with daily support for your well-being. The blend includes:

Assam Black Tea: This high-quality black tea is grown in the hills of Assam, India. It is moderately caffeinated and offers a rich, smooth taste.

Cardamom, Star Anise, Ginger: These warming spices are commonly found in many Indian chai blends. They create a spice-forward flavor profile and help to support healthy digestion.

Milk Thistle, Tulsi, Shatavari: These renowned adaptogenic herbs set our Masala Chai apart with their grounding and stabilizing qualities that work to counteract the effects of caffeine.

How to Make It

Just as there are countless versions of chai found across India, this beverage lends itself to many different preparation methods. We encourage you to experiment and find what you love best.

For Traditional Chai: Add one teaspoon of powder to eight ounces of hot water. Add milk and sweetener if desired and mix well. 

For a Chai Latte: Skip the water and mix with eight ounces of warm or steamed milk of your choice instead. Blend it up with one to two tablespoons of ghee or Chai Spiced Ghee for extra sustained energy and a truly luscious treat.

For an Iced Chai: For a cold and refreshing drink on a hot day, prepare Masala Chai with milk instead of water, then pour your latte over a tall glass of ice.