This Adaptogen-Packed Ashwagandha Latte May Be Your New Favorite Ritual

This Adaptogen-Packed Ashwagandha Latte May Be Your New Favorite Ritual

No matter what's happening in the dynamic, mysterious unfolding journey of life, pausing to enjoy a steaming mug of something warm and delicious is a beloved daily ritual for many of us. Whether it's coffee, tea, or warm water with lemon, there's nothing more satisfying than slowing down and awakening our senses with a favorite warm beverage.

Ashwagandha Latte Mix is a delightful, caffeine-free blend of consciously sourced herbal adaptogens, featuring ashwagandha as the star player. Inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of drinking herbs to support well-being, this dreamy, creamy drink mix nourishes body and soul alike.

Combining the best of two continents, our Ashwagandha Latte Mix features Oregon-grown ashwagandha and burdock with Indian-grown and Fair for Life Fair Trade certified shatavari, mucuna, and haritaki. Lightly sweetened with maple and finished with a touch of cinnamon and cardamom, sipping this rejuvenating latte may just become a favorite part of your day.

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The Benefits of Drinking Your Herbs

Drinking herbs in the form of a tea or warm herbal brew is one of the most traditional Ayurvedic methods of incorporating the healing properties of plants into your daily routine. Preparing formulas in this way allows us to taste the herbs as we take them in, supporting the body's natural process of digestion, absorption, and assimilation.

Ayurvedic teas are typically prepared with a specific intention and designed to achieve a particular effect in the body. For example, a formula may be blended to support sound sleep, calm the nervous system, or boost immune function.

The main intention of the Ashwagandha Latte Mix is to provide energy and nourishment to the body without the unwanted side-effects of stimulants such as processed sugar and caffeine.

Thanks to a powerful symphony of herbal adaptogens, this blend is not only satisfying to the tastebuds but also supports the overall health of the physical body. Adaptogens are famous for their ability to adapt to what the body needs most in the moment and protect from the many external stressors of life.

Instead of providing a sense of false energy by further depleting the body's reserves, adaptogens actually replenish our natural stores of energy and support the health of our system as a whole. They provide true, sustainable energy rather than the “crash and burn” effect so often experienced with coffee and caffeinated beverages.

Along with their energizing qualities, the unique blend of adaptogens in this drink mix also helps calm and stabilize the nervous system, support healthy muscle recovery, improve reproductive health, and promote sound, restful sleep.

These benefits make this herbal latte perfect to enjoy throughout the day.

Enjoy a cozy morning mug as you ease into your day, mix up a cup after a mid-day workout, or wind down with a warm, frothy treat as you prepare to drift off to sleep.

Made with Mindfully Sourced Ingredients

Since our inception as a company, Banyan has been committed to providing high-quality, organic herbs that are sustainably sourced and fairly traded. As the state of the world becomes increasingly fragile and the demand for herbs continues to grow, this commitment has only deepened.

As a conscious step forward in relation to this commitment, the Ashwagandha Latte Mix features herbs that are domestically harvested in Southern-Oregon, alongside Indian-grown herbs that are Fair for Life Fair Trade certified.

Incorporating locally-sourced herbs into our products means developing relationships that are close to home and cultivating a deep understanding of all that our local environment has to offer.

This approach is based on the understanding that Ayurvedic concepts can be universally applied to all people, plants, and landscapes. It also offers obvious and important benefits—widening our herbal resources, reducing our carbon footprint from transporting the herbs, and cultivating a deeper relationship with the herbs and the land.

Pairing these herbs with Fair for Life Fair Trade certified herbs makes this a truly unique product. Fair for Life is a globally-recognized certification program for fair trade and responsible supply chain practices in agriculture, manufacturing, and trade, which aligns with our core commitments as a company.


Ashwagandha Latte Mix powder on spoon

What's In Your Cup: the Story of the Ingredients

Here's a peek at the herbs that make this beverage unique, and the sourcing story of each one. We hope that this glimpse into the life of the herbs in your cup helps to make your daily drink ritual feel all the more precious.


One of the most revered and popular herbal adaptogens, ashwagandha supports the body's ability to ward off stress and provides an excellent source of grounded and sustained energy to get you through the day.

This blend features domestically grown ashwagandha, some of which was lovingly tended by our farmers and interns at Banyan Farm in Southern Oregon. The seeds are sown in early spring and the roots of the plants are harvested throughout the autumn months.


Mucuna is a heavy, grounding herb that is a powerful ally for the health of the nervous and reproductive systems. It is also well-known for being a source of L-Dopa, a precursor to dopamine, which makes it an excellent choice when seeking to uplift one's mood and emotional state. 

The mucuna in this blend is grown and harvested along the Bandhi River outside of Jodhpur, India, and is certified Fair for Life Fair Trade. The seed is harvested annually and ground into a powder before being added to our Ashwagandha Latte Mix.


Another favorite Ayurvedic adaptogen, shatavari is known to promote balance within the reproductive system while also supporting the health of the nervous system and providing a sense of soothing, grounded energy.

This Fair for Life Fair Trade certified herb is also grown outside of Jodhpur in close proximity to the mucuna. The roots are harvested for use every second and third year and then dried and ground into powder.


Burdock root is a longtime favorite herb for supporting liver health, cleansing toxins from the blood, and promoting clear skin. It is excellent for balancing pitta dosha and contributes a cooling energetic to the overall formula, helping to make it balancing for all doshas.

The burdock root is domestically grown and harvested in Southern Oregon. It can be harvested in the spring or fall and is cut and dried before being ground into powder form.


Haritaki fruit is one of Ayurveda's gems, known for its detoxifying and rejuvenating powers and its affinity for vata dosha.

The fruits in this blend are grown in Panchkula, which is situated within the state of Haryana, India. They are sourced from an orchard of close to 600 trees and are Fair for Life Fair Trade certified. During the abundant harvest season, harvesters climb the trees, use ladders, or set up nets under the branches to collect the ripe, falling fruits.


Aromatic cardamom lends itself beautifully to this blend, adding a touch of warmth and sweetness while also supporting healthy digestion. Our cardamom is organically sourced from India. The seeds are harvested from the pods, then dried and ground into powder.


A touch of cinnamon bark powder adds just the right kick of delicious sweetness to the mix and also helps to support digestion, especially for kapha dosha. Our blend uses Cinnamomum verum, which is known as one of the sweetest varieties of cinnamon. It is grown and harvested in Sri Lanka.

Maple Crystals

Chock full of nutrients, maple sugar is a healthier and more sustainable alternative to other sweeteners. It contains several minerals that the body needs, including iron, zinc, manganese, and calcium, as well as up to 54 different antioxidants.

The maple crystals used to bring sweetness to the Ashwagandha Latte Mix are sourced from New Hampshire, from a farm that has been producing maple syrup since 1853.

Organic certification in the maple industry is based on practicing sustainable forestry practices, such as not over-tapping trees, using spouts that don't harm the trees, and never using pesticides in the forests where maple trees grow.


Mug of Ashwagandha Latte Mix

How to Enjoy Your Ashwagandha Latte Mix

Ashwagandha Latte Mix is a perfect treat for any time of day, whether you're using it as a source of balanced energy in the morning hours or as a part of your evening ritual to unwind before bed. It's simple and easy to make and lends itself to endless variations—so feel free to experiment and find the perfect latte to suite your constitution and your personal taste.  

How to Make an Ashwagandha Latte:

In a small pot, combine 1½ teaspoons Ashwagandha Latte Mix with 8 ounces of your preferred milk. Stir to combine and gently heat. Pour directly into your cup, sweeten to taste if desired, and enjoy!

Note: the mix will evenly disperse into the milk rather than dissolve. For an extra frothy and luxurious treat, you can use a milk frother or mix your latte in a blender before sipping

Dosha-Balancing Tips:

Vata: Use cashew milk, almond milk, or cow's milk and add a touch of ghee.

Pitta: Use coconut milk or cow's milk and add a touch of ghee.

Kapha: Use water, coconut milk, or oat milk and sweeten with a touch of honey.