Why Nasya Oil is a Must in Your Daily Routine!

Why Nasya Oil is a Must in Your Daily Routine!

Did you know that the nostrils are called “the gateways to the head” (shirodwar) in sanskrit, the ancient language of Ayurveda? They are the entry point of the breath of life (prana) to the entire body, and are thus the starting point of the entire pathway of prana in the body.

Keeping the nostrils healthy and open offers more than symptomatic relief from occasional congestion and sinus discomforts. It is the way to maintain mental clarity, memory, balance and equanimity, and discrimination. For the body, taking care of this entry point of prana is crucial to having a sense of vitality and dynamism!1

Nasya is Ayurveda’s unique method for maintaining the health of this passageway and supporting the prana channel with cleansing and nourishing herbs and substances.

Classically, nasya oil is part of a daily routine for this very reason.

Banyan Botanicals’ Nasya Oil is formulated for daily use and for soothing and protecting the nasal passages, helping regain balance when needed. Made in a sesame and olive oil base, it is lubricating and very nourishing. Many ancient traditions, including Ayurveda, use eucalyptus for maintaining easy breathing and for a sense of mental clarity. Added to the mix are mental rejuvenatives, (brahmi, skullcap, and calamus), which are actually cooked into the oil, according to ancient traditions. Brahmi supports various mental functions, including memory, intelligence, and concentration, and soothes the entire nervous system, a pathway of prana in the body. Skullcap provides mental calmness and ease, while calamus sharpens the mind and increases awareness.

Adding this to your daily routine takes no more than a minute and is as simple as placing five drops of the oil in each nostril every morning. To do this most effectively, lie on your bed with your head hanging off the edge of the bed so that the nostril surface is parallel with the ceiling. Place five drops in each nostril, inhale deeply and forcefully, and then massage the passageway externally with pressure along your nose. You will experience an immediate heightened sense of clarity and freshness.