Seasonal Respiratory Support with Pollen Protect™

Seasonal Respiratory Support with Pollen Protect™

We're proud to introduce our new product, Pollen Protect™, which is geared to provide respiratory support for the common seasonal irritants that can arise in the atmosphere when spring has sprung. As the spring time weather warms and flowers blossom and trees come to life again, there is an innate desire to join nature in its renewal and birthing! But so often, many of us end up retreating back indoors.

It's a natural response considering our bodies have just come out of the kapha season, known for increasing the heavy and sticky earth and water elements in the body. This leads to a dampened digestive fire, or agni. In addition, there are many natural irritants in the air—whether it be pollen, dust, or others—that our bodies recognize as toxins, or ama. With a weakened digestive fire, the toxins not only situate but thrive in the heaviness of kapha, further building the water and earth elements, particularly in our blood and the waters of the body.

Truth be told, many of us do not have a perfect digestive fire, so it is not at all uncommon for most of the population to have some level of occasional irritation during this season. You may experience this as a tired sluggishness, or your eyes might be a touch drier, or perhaps you experience some slight congestion when you wake in the morning.

The solution lies in rebuilding the digestive fire, cleansing out the blood and lymph, and moving kapha and toxins successfully out of the body. To this end, we recommend a combination of cleansing (see our Spring Cleanse Guide), which will strengthen the digestive fire and move out excess kapha, and herbs and supplements for lung and respiratory health.

Pollen Protect is a superb formulation that supports a healthy inflammatory response to seasonal changes and features turmeric, kalmegh, and amla (or amalaki) to gently cleanse the blood and lymph. Punarnava is included to move toxins and excess kapha efficiently and effectively out of the body. Ginger, pippali, and chitrak are stellar agni kindlers, and pippali has a particular affinity to the respiratory tract to cleanse and nourish those channels. Tulsi warms the home of the respiratory tract, the lungs, by gently nourishing the tissues.

Join nature this season without hesitation! Support your body with Pollen Protect.