Boosting Tejas: 6 Daily Practices to Spark Your Inner Glow

Boosting Tejas: 6 Daily Practices to Spark Your Inner Glow

Have you ever wondered what gives someone that extra radiant glow or brilliant sparkling warmth that seems to shine forth from within? 

According to Ayurveda, that spark of light is a manifestation of their tejas. 

Tejas is the subtle essence of pitta dosha and the most refined version of agni. It is what transforms matter into energy and consciousness and what governs intelligence, discernment, and enthusiasm—as well as strong digestion. 

When your tejas is glowing bright, you have a focused mind, warm and radiant skin, shiny hair, lustrous eyes, and a healthy appetite.

Let's be honest—most of us could use a little more of all those things! The following simple Ayurvedic practices will help kindle your inner flame and cultivate that luminous tejas glow.

1. Wake Up with the Sun

There's a reason that Ayurveda—and many other traditions—promote the practice of starting the day with an intentional morning routine. Getting out of bed as the sun is rising is a key way to begin your day feeling bright and energized. 

At this hour, you have the wind of vata at your back and an opportunity to absorb the special sunlight of dawn. This long-wave infrared light is key for activating the energy you will need throughout your day. 

2. Embrace Trātaka (Candle Gazing Meditation)

Ideally right before or right after sunrise, practice a 10–minute candle gazing meditation. This meditation is simple—light your candle and then gaze softly into the flame as you focus on your inhale and exhale. 

Breathing deeply and with intention also supports prana, the subtle essence of vata, which kindles agni by fanning the flame of the digestive fire. 

If you can, use a traditional ghee lamp, or diya, for this practice. Burning a wick with ghee rather than oil or wax is said to purify the heart, clarify vision, enhance knowledge, and even bring prosperity. 

Before you begin the meditation, you might also have a small spoonful of Chyavanprash, the ancient herbal jam that is traditionally known to rejuvenate all bodily systems and support a connection to consciousness.

3. Practice Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar

The simple sun salutation sequence that you'll find at the beginning of many yoga practices consists of a series of steps that are intended to warm up the body while greeting the morning sun. 

On a physical level, sun salutations improve digestion and increase circulation, two systems of the body that are governed by pitta and its subtle essence. 

On a mental level, sun salutations are said to sharpen one's ability to focus, improve self-confidence, and develop self-discipline—all of which are fueled by tejas. 

Practice this easy yoga sequence each morning, facing east toward the rising sun.

4. Listen to the Gayatri Mantra

As you gaze into your ghee lamp or practice sun salutations at sunrise, you might also consider listening to (or chanting) the Gayatri Mantra. 

This ancient Sanskrit mantra honors the sun (surya) because, according to tradition, the sun equals light, which equals knowledge, which equals consciousness. You can find recordings of this mantra on most music streaming services.

5. Keep your Digestive Fire Burning Bright

Because tejas is related to agni, it's important to keep your digestive fire healthy and active. Agni is responsible for transforming the food that you eat into energy and consciousness. To kick-start it each morning, drink at least 16 ounces of warm water with lemon and honey. 

It is said that enjoying this beverage from a copper mug helps to enhance tejas.

To support active digestion throughout the day, focus on warm, well-cooked, and well-spiced foods, while minimizing foods that are cold, raw, heavy, or sweet.

Enjoy a little trikatu after each meal if you feel food ever sits in your stomach heavily or for a long period of time. Simply mix 1/4 teaspoon trikatu powder with honey and eat after meals. Or if you're on the go, try Kapha Digest, which is trikatu in tablet form. 

6. Get Outside 

Taking a few minutes to enjoy the outdoors each day is vital to your health in so many ways. The fresh air, connection with water and earth, and the exposure to sunlight all support the subtle essences of all three doshas—keeping us energized, lustrous, and vital. 

A great way to get outdoors is to commit to taking a short walk every day after lunch while the sun is high in the sky—doing so will support optimal digestion and energize you for the second half of the day.

By incorporating these key practices consistently, you will embody what's called tejo sāra, or optimal tejas. According to the ancient Ayurvedic texts, you'll experience increased strength, better health, greater longevity, and enhanced intelligence, as well as an irresistibly radiant inner glow. 

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