Ayurvedic Oils Help You Feel More Content

Ayurvedic Oils Help You Feel More Content

Do you struggle to feel content? Do you find it difficult to balance all the hectic tasks and stressors of daily life? You are not alone!

Feeling content and balanced isn't always simple or straightforward as we try to reconcile all the competing demands we face every day. We all could do with some help, and this starts when we acknowledge that contentment is a skill we can learn.

We all learn skills when we are younger like how to read or how to use a computer, yet we are not taught how to be content.

We tend to believe that feeling content is a state of mind that arises and disappears, based on the state of our lives at any given time.

So if we enjoy our job or we are in a good relationship, we feel content. On the other hand, if we have financial worries or have health problems, we feel discontent. The dilemma with this belief is that it places contentment out of our control, like the weather or the stock market.

Ayurveda takes a radically different perspective. Ayurvedic healers believe that you can feel content irrespective of what is happening in the rest of your life. Your contentment comes from your inner source, not from outer sources over which you have no control.

So, you do not need to wait for that “perfect” moment when everything comes together and all areas of your life are in complete balance. Such moments are very rare and also mean that you are denying yourself those feelings of happiness and calm that are always available to you.

Let go of the need for perfection, and notice how your stress starts to dissolve.

You may also need some tools and support to help access your feelings of contentment. Thankfully, Ayurveda equips us with many helpful tools—yoga and meditation are invaluable, and the practice of abhyanga, or self-massage with oil, can be incredibly supportive as well.  

The Benefits of Ayurvedic Oil

Ayurvedic oil is soothing, moistening, and lubricating. The word for oil in Sanskrit—sneha—is also a word for love, which is one reason why oil holds a special place in the Ayurvedic tradition as the ultimate nourisher and carrier of love.

When used for self-massage, Ayurvedic oil transmits these qualities deep into the tissues of the body, which can be deeply calming and relaxing. Add this simple Ayurvedic massage to your daily routine and you may notice that you start to feel more balanced and content. 1

To find the oil that will work best for you, it's important to keep your specific needs and the doshas in mind. If you don't know your Ayurvedic body type, take Banyan's free online dosha quiz.

There are two basic categories of Ayurvedic oil—plain oils and those that have been infused with herbs. Let's take a quick look at each:

Base Oils

Also known as carrier oils, base oils are pure, whole, organic oils from a natural source. Though many prefer massaging the body with herb-infused oils, using a plain oil like Sesame Oil, Sunflower Oil, or Coconut Oil is also an option.

Herbal Oils

Made using traditional Ayurvedic methods, Banyan's herbal oils are made by infusing a base oil with a decoction of one or more Ayurvedic herbs—combining the nourishing and soothing qualities of the oil with the herbs' beneficial properties.

Depending on the herbs used, herbal oils can be fine-tuned to help support a number of health benefits, including balancing the doshas, supporting sound sleep, nourishing the muscles, and promoting healthy, lustrous hair.

Contentment Is One Self-Massage Away

Practically any oil can help you feel more content when you practice self-massage, but if you're not sure which oil to choose, try Brahmi Oil. With the combination of bacopa and brahmi/gotu kola, two herbs with a special affinity for the mind and nervous system, this oil is especially supportive when you want to calm the mind, ground the nervous system, and feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Here are some tips for your next self-massage:

  • Before a shower, try rubbing warm Brahmi Oil on your temples and feet (careful not to slip!). You can also apply it to other areas of your body, including your head and scalp (or you can enjoy a full-body abhyanga).
  • Take a few moments to relax and allow the oil to soak in.
  • After you shower, you will feel a warm, calming feeling, which is the Brahmi Oil at work.
  • You can even do this at night before going to bed to relax the body and mind and support sound sleep. (The oil may stain, so protect your linens.)

Often, simple methods can have the most profound effects, and many Ayurvedic practitioners recommend Brahmi Oil for this purpose.


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Using Ayurvedic oil regularly can help you cultivate a new, more gentle outlook on life—one that allows you to feel more calm and relaxed throughout your day. Above all, you will be taking control of your mood and feelings.

Just imagine the power of knowing that you can feel content no matter what is happening to you in your personal life or career. Every day you exercise this new power and savor the feeling of contentment, you will naturally become happier and calmer.

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