All New Easy Digest for an Easier Thanksgiving

All New Easy Digest for an Easier Thanksgiving

Support for Healthy Digestion

Every year we promise ourselves that we are going to be good this year and eat just enough to fill our bellies, but every year we indulge in the feast before us. And you know, once in a while it is okay! This is especially true for a feast that is made with love and gratitude, as is the case with the holidays.

However, there are things you can do to get your body prepared for the holidays so that it has an easier time with the increased load on your digestion.

Take Easy Digest!

Easy Digest is our new liquid extract made to give your digestion the support that it needs to properly break down and absorb food.

  • It contains herbs, such as coriander, fennel, anise, and licorice, to jump-start your appetite while also gently prepping your digestive fire (agni) for the meal to come.
  • The other herbs in the mix will support digestion when a bit of bloating or gas (peppermint, gentian, celery) is present as well as digestion that has some heaviness (the warming cardamom and ginger).
  • Start supporting your digestive fire now. Take a dose of this extract with every meal so that your digestion is in optimal shape by the time the holidays come.

Kindle your digestive fire starting now!

Easy Digest is an easy way to start this process, but there are also many other things you can do.

  • Start giving your digestive fire a bit of a break so it has time to build. Back off on dairy and oily and fatty foods.
  • Make your dinner your lightest meal. Your digestive fire is weakest at this time of the day.
  • Eat before sunset since the fire tends to wane with the sun.
  • Add spices like ginger, cardamom, clove, mustard seeds, pepper, and chilies to your meals to support the hot quality of agni.

Support your digestive fire during the feast!

  • Take Easy Digest at the start of the day and before your meals.
  • Start with a plate that holds half of what you think you will eat. Take little samples of everything so that you feel satisfied that you have had a chance to enjoy everything being offered. If you are still hungry, take seconds (but again, just take half of what you think you will eat)!
  • Take a break once your stomach is about three-fourths full.
  • Thanksgiving meals often last all day (with leftovers being nibbled on into the night) so enjoy another plate once your stomach is ready for another meal.
  • Sip hot water throughout the day. Try making warm ginger tea and have it available for everyone to enjoy throughout the day. Or enjoy the traditional hot cinnamon apple cider as it has the agni-kindling cinnamon spice in it.

After the feast, give your digestion time to reset.

Above all, eat with intention and consciously soak in the love and positive energy that the meal before you has been prepared with. Eat with gratitude for the cook and the company you are sharing the meal with. If you are spending the holidays alone, embrace the opportunity to have gratitude simply for having a meal before you and for the Spirit that dwells in your heart and all living beings.