Balance Kapha with Herbs

Kapha Balancing Bundle


Because kapha is currently the most significant aggravation in your system, we recommend the Kapha Balancing Bundle for you.

Herbs can be a powerful ally in helping to balance any of the three doshas, and kapha is no exception. Aggravated kapha tends to cause heaviness, congestion, stagnation, a dulled appetite, sluggish digestion and elimination, as well as weight gain. Emotionally, it can trigger lack of motivation, resistance to change, even depression. Kapha is pacified by any substance or experience that opposes these tendencies, and herbs can deliver potent and effective support in doing so.

Most kapha-pacifying herbs are primarily pungent, bitter, and astringent in taste. They generally introduce light, hot, dry, and penetrating qualities that are stimulating, cleansing, and activating. Herbs that balance kapha help to improve digestive strength, bolster detoxification, encourage proper elimination, increase circulation and lymphatic flow, and support clarity throughout the system—body, mind, and spirit.


Kapha Balancing Bundle


The Kapha Balancing Bundle is a powerful combination of herbal formulas that work both internally and externally to improve energy, strengthen the digestive fire, and clear accumulated kapha from the mind and body—thereby supporting a return to balance and more vibrant health. Visit our product page to learn more about the Kapha Balancing Bundle.

Also, please explore the Product Recommendations tab of your Ayurvedic Profile™ for additional herbal products intended to support some of the specific challenges you identified when you last assessed your Current State of Balance.


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