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Cow Face (Gomukhasana)

A Kapha Pacifying Yoga Pose

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Begin on your hands and knees. Bring the right leg over the left with the knees still bent. Separate the feet and then come to sit between the feet. Take a breath or two before proceeding. On an inhalation, wrap your right arm behind you placing the back of the hand onto your upper back. Reach the left arm overhead and internally rotate it. Exhale to bend the left elbow and connect the left hand to the right. If the hands do not comfortably meet, it is helpful to use a strap or piece of fabric to hold on to. Lift the chin and chest. Keep the left arm close to your head and take several breaths. To come out of the pose, release the hands and unwrap the right leg. Sit with the legs outstretched for a moment before doing the pose on the opposite side.

Kapha Focus:

Keep the chest lifted and open.


Aids for the respiratory system by opening the chest and lungs. Stretches the shoulders, hips, knees, and buttocks.