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Brahmi Oil

Brahmi Oil is an oil from the Ayurvedic tradition of India that supports concentration and the mind. Banyan Botanicals’ certified organic Brahmi Oil is made of sesame oil infused with a decoction of brahmi (centella asiatica, also known as gotu kola) and bacopa (bacopa monniera). The healing qualities of these remarkable herbs combine with the soothing properties of the oil for balanced effects.

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Used topically, Brahmi Oil transports its qualities deep into the tissues to:

  • Support clarity in the mind*
  • Promote awareness & mental function*
  • Strengthen memory & intellect*
  • Support a balanced emotional state*
  • Nourish and cool the skin and hair*
  • Revitalize and refresh the mind*
  • Promote cooler body temperature*
  • Enhance meditation*
  • Support sound sleep*
  • Promote balanced response to stress*

Brahmi is said to bestow intelligence upon its user and can be massaged into the scalp to promote awareness and mental function.

Brahmi Oil Head Massage Instructions

Before or after washing, gently massage your scalp in circular motions with a small amount of Brahmi Oil. Work your fingertips rhythmically and gently from the crown of your head (the center top) outward toward your ears and the base of your skull (where your neck begins).

In addition to Brahmi Oil, Banyan Botanicals uses Brahmi as a key component in these following synergistic tablet formulas:

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