Transition Through the Seasons with Love

Transition Through the Seasons with Love

We often think of the seasons as drastically different entities that are distinctly separated from one another. For this reason, they are a source of some of the major changes that we undergo throughout the year. We forget, however, to also consider the periods of transition between each season. The moments right before and after a change in season can be very intense, and proper nourishment can help keep us balanced during this shift. The transition from summer into fall is one of many marked contrasts, so it's important to add even more nourishment during this particular period. 

Fall is all about vata. When vata is prominent, we are called to nourish ourselves and give our bodies the self-care they need in order to renew and prepare for the harsher, colder months to come. Think of how bears hibernate and get all their rest during winter. In doing so, they gather their strength and come back to the world ready and willing to be strong and powerful.  

Fall is a great time for rejuvenation, as well as for finding a deeper level of nourishment in your being. It is more about building through rest in order to repair and revitalize both body and mind, as opposed to being a time for cleansing and detoxing.  

The transition, however, is key. How you move from one season to the next, one moment to the next, and from day-to-day is important.

The fall transition asks that you take action in order to nourish your body and mind so that you can continue to thrive daily.

Ayurveda provides us with wonderful practices and herbs for this time of the year. The leaves teach us about letting go, and our bodies require more protection, nourishment, and grounding. Start early to support healthy joints, moist skin, and restful nights (sleeplessness is a possible sign of vata imbalance in the fall). Prevention, with a mindfulness about seasonal changes and your own personal nature, can create a healthier and happier you during this period.



Ideas to make your transition into the fall smoother and more balanced include: 

  • Increase your abhyanga (self-massage) practice throughout the week.
  • Nourish your body with seasonal foods, and focus on warm, hearty, grounding meals. When it comes to diet during this season, make sure to give your body what it needs to feel energized and deeply nourished.
  • Be inspired by the quality known in Ayurveda as sattva, and all things pure, light, and true. This quality can inspire you for the years ahead; it is a state of being that will sustain you through all kinds of transitions. 
  • Sleep restfully by using the right oils (Vata Massage Oil is good for this time of year).
  • Add rejuvenatives like Chyavanprash to your routine.
  • Nourish the mind with creative endeavors, and make plans for the future. Cooking up ideas and planting the seeds of creativity during the fall brings with it a comforting quality. This is a great time to dream, envision, and build.  
  • Cultivate ojas with the right herbs and practices like the ones mentioned above. 
  • Practice receptive styles of yoga like Yin, and bring more stillness into your day with meditative practices. Yoga Nidra is a great example.

The fall season is an opportunity to begin again. Bring new energy and spaces into your life. Birth new dreams, and give greater life to the visions you have been contemplating and aspiring towards. Literally create the space for these to thrive in your workspace, home areas, and even on your vision board. Being indoors can be fun, especially when you take time to invite more of your creativity into the mix. Inspire yourself with essential oils like clove, cinnamon, cardamom, and all of the other chai spices to keep your spirit alive and warm. You can even add them to your base oils for a warming, comforting, and invigorating self-massage. Inspire more clarity this season through the mindful and powerful practices of self-care, and let all parts of your being come back to wholeness. Investing in these kinds of practices makes all of your transitions smoother, increasing your quality of life and making the season itself more enjoyable. 

Flowing requires giving our utmost attention to each moment as it passes through and by us. Transitions hold within them the secret to your success, the secret of moving and living with balance.