Shatavari Ghee Recipe

Shatavari Ghee Recipe

Medicinal ghee has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Shatavari has a special affinity for nourishing and supporting the female reproductive system, and ghee is an excellent vehicle for carrying herbs to the deeper tissues of the body. The combination allows for a wonderful way to utilize the full potential of this rejuvenating herb.



In a pan, combine the shatavari and water and boil the mixture slowly over medium/low heat until the water is reduced to ¼ (8 ounces/1 cup). This may take an hour or two.

Using cheesecloth, or a very fine strainer, strain out the shatavari, reserving the liquid.

Add the ghee and the statavari decoction to a pan and cook over low heat until all the water has evaporated. This can take up to two hours.

Cool and transfer the shatavari ghee to a glass jar with airtight lid.

Enjoy 1 teaspoon daily in warm water and increase as needed.