What Is Nasya Oil & How to Use It

What Is Nasya Oil & How to Use It

Nasya is the nasal administration of medicinal herbs, decoctions and oils. Different types of substances are used to treat many various aliments. Nasya oil is an herbal infused oil which is both nurturing and nourishing, and supports the sinus, nose, throat, and head. It is a balancing formula for all doshas, especially vata, and has been traditionally used to lubricate the nasal passages, improve the voice, and support clear vision.

The nose is the doorway to the brain, mind and consciousness.

Prana, the vital life force, enters our bodies through the breath. Lubrication of the nasal passages with herbal oil provides subtle moisture to the air we breathe and affects the higher cerebral faculties and sensory organs. It promotes clarity of perception and stimulates memory. Nasya enhances cerebral circulation, restoring and balancing prana in the body.

How to Use Nasya Oil

Lying Down:

  • Begin by comfortably lying down on your back and tilting your head back with your nostrils opening towards the sky. If you are lying on a bed, you may hang your head off the edge of the bed or place a small pillow beneath your neck for support.
  • Place 3–5 drops of nasya oil in each nostril. With skill, you can administer the oil, drop by drop, circling the inside perimeter of the nostril, thoroughly coating the nasal membranes.
  • Take a big sniff in, then rest for a few minutes, allowing the nasya to penetrate.

Sitting Up

  • Place a drop of nasya oil on the little finger and gently insert it into the nostril.
  • Gently massage the inner walls of the nasal passage.
  • Alternate left and right nostrils until each nostril has received a total of three applications of oil.

Our How to Do Nasya video will walk you through the process of using nasya oil.


By taking just five minutes a day to incorporate this simple practice into your daily Ayurvedic routine, you can enjoy the many benefits of nasya! The lubrication and gentle massage will help to ease stress and release any tension in the tissues. 

Nasya oil is best used alone, and not in combination with other nasal cleansing methods, like the neti pot. It is not recommended to do nasya if you have a cold, a sinus infection, or the flu.